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Best daily gray coverage product?

I'm actually going to ask a question about my own hair this time! Smiley Happy


I am absolutely terrible about dying my roots.  I only dye my natural color, but I have a good deal of gray that becomes very obvious quite quickly, and I just don't have enough time to touch it up often enough.  (Plus, I hate doing it at home, but I can't afford regular trips to the salon, so I tend to put it off.)  Seriously, I have a full time job, a newly blind husband, and two kids (one of whom is an aspiring dancer and I spend tons of time driving her to and from dance).  Life is crazy, to put it mildly.  I have next to no time for myself.


But I've heard there are products out there now where you can touch up those roots real quickly in the morning, and it sounds like that would solve a lot of my problems.  Are there any that are better than others for coverage and staying power?  (I'd hate to have to touch it up throughout the day, and I don't want it getting on my clothes either.)  I have medium-dark brown hair that is very fine, and unfortunately, a tendency toward a greasy scalp (I use a sea-salt based shampoo daily, which doesn't help the longevity of my dye jobs either), so I want to make sure whatever product I'm putting on my roots isn't going to exacerbate that.



Re: Best daily gray coverage product?

Color Wow is a newer root touch up product that offers long lasting wear, but temporary results, meaning it won't fade throughout the day, but will wash out easily.


It's available in four shades, including blonde, ash, medium brown, and deep brown.


It's a powder compound so it should world well with your hair as you mention oil/grease at the scalp/roots, helping to absorb oil without making hair more problematic.


The formula contains zinc stearate, which helps to repel water, making it very durable on hair and combats issues like sweat, humidity, or even minor dampening.


You might also consider a tinted dry shampoo as well to help absorb unwanted oil throughout the day and if you just can't resist a touch up. They won't really target grey coverage, but at least they will help with oil control along with being a styling aid to provide nice build up if you want to tease your roots or get extra volume.


Bumble & Bumble, Sachajuan, and Bastiste are just a couple brands that make dark or brown based dry shampoos.


Also, try adding an accessory like a wider headband to styles to help cover greys and roots when you can't find the time to cover them up with product:



Re: Best daily gray coverage product?

Cool, I like the powder formulation if it will help degrease my scalp!  Headbands unfortunately don't work on me.  They just don't look right, and plus they never want to stay in place on the back of my head.  They always ride up and create a funny ridge.  I finally gave up trying to make them work on me years ago. Smiley Tongue

Re: Best daily gray coverage product?

Some have an elastic rubber strip that run the inside of them to help grip hair better, kind of like the ones on strapless bras to hold onto the sides of ribs better. I know yoga and exercise bands work well. Or even pinning a scarf that's tied around could work to hold it in place.

Re: Best daily gray coverage product?

I'm not familiar with this issue with the scalp, but Sephora carries this, which seems to be what you are looking for in terms of quick solution:


Good luck!

Re: Best daily gray coverage product?

Thank you!  

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