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Best and worst: Living Proof

Hey everyone,


Recently I have been trying a sample packet of the Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream and I think after a few uses I'd have to say its already moved up to HG status for me. My hair feels sooo soft like a little girls hair, my frizz isn't as noticeable, and my hair didn't go crazy out in the heat/during a workout.


What has everyone else tried from LP? I just checked and I have sample packets of the primer and serum... ahh must try! I don't blow dry my hair much though, mostly just braid, air dry, and wear wavy.


What is worth investing in, what's worth skipping? Have you used any of these products and then found something better? What about the styling cream vs the leave-in conditioner?

Thanks ladies!!

Re: Best and worst: Living Proof

I too love the prime style extender!  Its seriously a miracle product.  You can layer it with other products or use it alone.  It truly does help hair do whatever it is that you are wanting it to do (straight, wavy, curly, whatever!).  Love it!3.jpg

Re: Best and worst: Living Proof

The prime style extender is amazing. It does exactly what it claims to do. I love it! I use it every time I wash my hair, and it not only eliminates all frizz, but it cuts down drying time and makes me go longer in between washes. You only need a dime size, so it will last a long time.


FYI- I have long, thick straight hair.

Definitely give it a try!

Re: Best and worst: Living Proof

I love living proof..i had really damaged hair in the beginning of the summer so I started using my hair is nice and soft and feels great..the shampoo and conditioner are awesome..the mask is great....i use the straight spray if I am blow drying..the serum is perfect.there is nothing bad I can say about any of the I saw  a difference in a couple of days..try  buying one of the kits 1st and see for yourself..good luck!

Re: Best and worst: Living Proof

The Nourishing Styling Cream is very nice! I have five sample packets!! Lol. It's not a bad price either, I think it's worth the investment. I find very few comparable styling creams to it. I have samples of the Satin hair serum, shampoo, conditioner, and leave in cream. I'm excited to try them!  But i will probably not use them until I have a big event and want my hair to be perfect. I think The price of the shampoo and conditioner is outrageous though. I have a lot of hair and its super long. I need alot of it and it would not be worth the price for me. 

Re: Best and worst: Living Proof

I have never been enticed by all those tiny pricey shampoout and conditioners out there... Bnow comparing the leave-in products to drugstore... The difference is noticeable! Ok, ignore all the spelling errors. My iPad keeps auto correcting me and if I go back and try to fix it, it will freeze this post. Sighhh how did BLG fix the problem of replying on her laptop! Womp womp. Apparently I heard the serum smells like cherries? Might have todo a blow out tomorrow!

Re: Best and worst: Living Proof

Lol, I'm on my IPad as well. It sucks!!!! I have a sample of the Primer extend one and I'm excited to try it. But I never blow dry my hair, so I'm saving it till I do. I have five serum samples I've let to try, I can't wait to smell it lol.when you try more LP products let us know!

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