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Anonymous Insider

Best Natural Hair Care products (Type 4 Hair)

Hi Ladies! So I noticed a huge amount of growth in the last 3 months (2 inches total, putting me at about 18" all around) and wanted to share some things that I added to my routine this past summer that obviously worked 😄


For reference, I have 4A curls in the front and 'kitchen' of my scalp, and mostly 4B throughout the bulk of my scalp. I have been 'chemical free' since 2009, but started doing more natural hair care styles/methods in 2013. 


Stuff you can get at Sephora:

  • Josie Maran Argan Oil - yes, it is expensive. But if you are serious about your natural hair care- make the investment you, will not regret it. I use it on my scalp to massage in, and also as a sealant when I moisturize my twists during the week. My mother had hair loss because of thyroid issues and I told her to get this to massage in her scalp and it grew back! It is a holy grail product. I know lots of places sell products touted as 'argan oil', but it is low quality and not always pure (trust me, I have done the research as Ive been natural for almost 5 years). Always read ingredients lists. You can also get awesome deals for this at QVC.
  • Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter - I like it as a way to seal in moisture that I put in my hair before I reinstall my marley twists. It was very gritty and much grittier than I expected because of the product image, but it did not deter me. Im not sure if I would buy it, but if you want to earn points on a good twisting butter, this is the one. I got this as a deluxe sample from a Sephora online order.
  • Rahua Products - Ungurahua oil is another holy grail in hair care, from Brazil, but trust me. You can get it for much cheaper somewhere else (yes, the natural non-filtered stuff). The products with this at Sephora is just the Ungurahua (aka 'rahua') oil mixed with Palo Santo essential oil LOL. Read. The. Ingredients.


Stuff you can't (& where to get it):

  • Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Leave-In (@ Sally's) - I think this is 30% of the reason I had so much growth. I got a full size in my swag bag from Beautycon LA in August, and started using it toward the end of August. It has bomb slip, and is a great mid-week moisturizer and leave in. Doesn't leave anything greasy, and my hair drinks it up.
  • Aloe Vera Juice (I get mine from Sprouts) - some brands you have to leave in the refrigerator and some you don't, but make sure its 100% aloe vera juice and has no sugar added or any other additives. I've been spritzing this in my hair for the past few months and have seen record growth and retained moisture. California water is hard and horrible for the most part, so this has been a great quencher for my hair without having to use sink water. I add it to a spray bottle, add in some oils (Josie Maran argan, jojoba, JBCO) and then spritz away. This is 50% of the reason I think I've had so much growth in the past few months.  
  • Royal Standard Licorice & Peppermint Scalp Treatment ( - This is a natural brand owned and operated out of San Diego, and this scalp treatment is the truth. If you deal with scalp psoriasis or flaking, especially now that the weather is cold/dry, it will stop it in its tracks 🙂 it has no preservatives or chemicals. Good ole mother nature. 


If you need a good YouTuber, I really like The Nappy Headed Jojoba. T is hilarious and lives in LA. I'm not affiliated with her, but I've learned a lot from her and wanted to share 🙂 



Re: Best Natural Hair Care products (Type 4 Hair)

Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter needs to be microwaved to melt the beads. 


Otherwise, thanks for your post. Very informative. It sounds like u just intensified the moisture so your ends don't break. 

Anonymous Insider

RE: Re: Best Natural Hair Care products (Type 4 Hair)

Thanks for the tip about microwaving the Qhemet. Yes, I’m upping the moisturizing game and then also I sewed a satin bonnet (since most in the beauty store are polyester and that’s drying) and wear it at night, or drape it over my pillow when I want to relax during the day.
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