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Any help/tips for thick frizzy & wavy hair management?

Hey everybody, I'm pretty stumped when it comes to figuring out for myself what works for my hair and how to properly manage it. My hair's thick, oily and frizzy.

Right now I use a shampoo with ketoconazole (that's the stuff in Nizoral) 3 times a week for when its super oily and or built up above my neck and pretty basic conditioner. I don't get conditioner near my scalp, but (I know this is weird) it can get kind of waxy with buildup and oily within a day. Any tips for preventing this/methods to properly wash my hair without getting buildup? I think how I dry it can contribute to oiliness too, so if there's a proper way to dry it/brush it so my hair doesn't get concentrated oily areas, please let me know.


Also I'd like to get a defined wavy look when it dries. I've not had much luck trying out mousse or various curl gels. Instead it looks messy. I'm trying to get the hang of easy things and learn how to "properly" apply a product to my hair and use it.

Re: Any help/tips for thick frizzy & wavy hair management?

You should consider trying the Ouidad frizz line. I know they have various starter sets available. I have Thick, frizzy, wavy hair too and its definitely a help! 

Re: Any help/tips for thick frizzy & wavy hair management?

This suggestion might not be helpful, but get a keratin treatment!  It will last for months and deal with frizz much better than any product IME.  And you don't have to worry about a little humidity screwing up your hair once you've got it looking how you like it.  I was able to get a cheap groupon deal on a salon keratin treatment -- it's worth signing up for coupon sites & looking around for bargains.

Re: Any help/tips for thick frizzy & wavy hair management?

Popular topic today!  I would go for Aveda's "Smooth Infusion" line.  It's incredible and gives you instant change to your hair.  I love all of their stuff, and it's all I've used on my naturally curly hair for years.  When I've traveled without my sampler sizes and use the hotel's products, my hair is immediately damaged.  Another line of theirs--and what I use as of right now after healing my damaged hair this winter with the above line--is the "Be Curly" line.  It won't make your hair kinky or corkscrew it, but it'll take those waves and make them smoother, more defined.  Think 1940s old Hollywood glamour kind of waves.  Try it!

Re: Any help/tips for thick frizzy & wavy hair management?

Have you looked into Ouidad Climate control?  I have curly, frizzy hair and I love it but my hair is dry though.

Re: Any help/tips for thick frizzy & wavy hair management?

I also have thick, frizzy, wavy hair and it can be such a pain sometimes!  I do not have oily hair though so unfortunately I don't have any tips on how to help with that.
But I do want to help with your other concern!  Like you, I had been looking for an easy to use product to help define my waves and ease the frizz.  I've tried all different kinds of products (gel, mousse, cream, sprays, etc.).  I figured the more expensive the product, the better it would be.  I was wrong.  I received a hair cream in a beauty box called Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Cream.  I washed my hair, brushed it, and applied the cream to my hair while it was still very wet.  As it started drying I could already tell this product was exactly what I had been looking for.  It doesn't weigh your hair down, it eases the frizz, and it makes the waves look natural and pretty.  I personally love this cream (after 1 use) and I'm pretty much hooked and don't want to use anything else.  It looks like some other beauty stores carry it (not Sephora) and it's pretty inexpensive!  I highly recommend it!  Smiley Happy


Re: Any help/tips for thick frizzy & wavy hair management?

Thanks for the recommendation. The price is fantastic for a good product. I'm definitely looking into that.Smiley Happy

Re: Any help/tips for thick frizzy & wavy hair management?

Yay!  Hope you like it!

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