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Any Curly Girls--Question about Hair Color?

Recently I started to follow the curly girl method--no sulfates and silicones.  I've been using the DevaCurl line and really like it so far.  


But it's getting about time for me to need to cover my gray again.  I don't think going to a salon for this is an option for me right now.  I thought I read to use semi-permanent hair color.  Anyone use home hair color they recommend?


After coloring should I use the conditioner they give with the color?  If so, do I then need to use a regular shampoo the next time I wash in case there are silicones in the hair color conditioner?


Any advice would be great!

Re: Any Curly Girls--Question about Hair Color?

Uh--I'm so depressed to see no one commented on this! I also use the DevaCurl line (expensive but wonderful) and love the curly girl method. DIY hair color is tough! I want to BUMP this question. Anyone out there that can provide some advice???

Re: Any Curly Girls--Question about Hair Color?

I ended up going to a Hair Stylist that I found from the devacurl website.  She was amazing with my curly hair.  I talked to her about coloring, and there is a way they can color the hair if you can get highlights that would be specific to curly hair.  Unfortunately for me, my hair is so dark that highlights wouldn't look right.  But she did say she could color it without the damage boxed dyes do.  I hate to spend all that money, but hopefully b/c the devacurl products are sulfate free maybe the color will last longer.  


I'll still be hoping to find some sort of at home solution too!  

Re: Any Curly Girls--Question about Hair Color?

Sulfates aren't necessary to removes silicones. Any sulfate-free shampoo with coco betaine will do the trick (Deva Low-Poo would work, so would DevaCARE No-Poo- the coco betaine is listed too far down on the ingredient list in DevaCURL No-Poo to be effective).  I primarily follow the Curly Girl method, but have a handful of silicone products that my hair still loves.  The other thing to keep in mind is that not all silicones are created equal.  Some are water-soluble and completely compatible with CG method, others evaporate from the hair entirely during the drying process, and still others are designed to repel buildup (until a reformulation several years ago, Deva One Condition actually contained one such silicone).

Re: Any Curly Girls--Question about Hair Color?

I have been using the Loreal Evercurl line from the drugstore, I love it! Any other product suggestions besides DevaCurl for the curly hair? I have also been using Coconut oil, I did a mask with coconut oil and a deep conditioner for two hours, then washed my hair. It was so so soft! Something like that may be good to do before and after coloring your hair.

Re: Any Curly Girls--Question about Hair Color?

It shouldn't hurt any to use the conditioner in the pack, although there may be silicone in the conditioner (most do as they use it as a smoothing agent), double check the ingredient listing on the box. It shouldn't hinder or hurt your hair to use the conditioner that it comes with.


I would recommend using Phyto's Phytocitrus Color Protect Radiance Mask after coloring (silicone free, although methosulfate is the only sulfate used). It's great because it's a conditioning mask/treatment used just for the first 2 weeks after coloring and it helps lock down and seal in color to ensure hair is vibrant, brilliant, healthy, and color is preserved. After the two weeks, store it away until you color again and go back to using your regular conditioner.


It's packed with conditioning ingredients like sweet almond extract, grapefruit extract (helps with color preservation), coiza oil, and shea butter to deeply nourish.




I would recommend using Garnier's hair color, which tend to be more gentle, I like ammonia free color systems because they're less harsh and don't use such a strong chemical to lift hair and allow color to penetrate. Loreal's Healthy Look is also nice as it's a cream/gloss formula.


After coloring, try to avoid washing hair for the next 2-3 days, you don't want to start breaking down the semipermanent color so early on. You should be safe using your DevaCurl shampoo and conditioners on color treated hair as they are void of sulfates, so you will be preventing stripping hair of color. With the use of the Phyto mask and even something like Living Proof's Restore Spray will help lock in and prolong color but also not tamper with your hair's take on silicone/sulfate free products:



Living Proof is silicone, wax, and sulfate free, the above spray helps to guard against UV rays and any damage (be it dryness, brittleness, etc.) on hair which is great for color treated hair. Most color treated items have UV filters and guards in place to keep hair vibrant and this light weight spray does a great job, plus it's use of polyfluroesters helps combat frizz and keeps any hair type smooth and manageable. 


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