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All Things Blonde!

A place for all who love blonde hair!

Share anything & everything about your hair. Your fave products, hair care routine, & how you keep brassiness at bay! 🙂


Re: All Things Blonde!


When I use up the toning shampoo I have now I'm going to...

When I use up the toning shampoo I have now I'm going to try L'Oreals Sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for blonds. I like to layer fashion colors with my blonde and didn't realize all the toning shampoos and treatments for blonds I was using had sulfates that faded the color. I guess I'm going to stay platinum blond for a little while longer so I can experiment.

Re: All Things Blonde!

I found this toning mask at Ulta that makes my blonde amazing and people stop me all the time when I use it and ask what hair dye I use. It's PRAVANA THE PERFECT BLONDE PURPLE Toning MASQUE

RE: All Things Blonde!

Oribe Bright Blond Shampoo and conditioner have a bit of lavender tone to keep hair from looking brassy. It’s also not very heavy so it’s awesome for fine hair- if your hair is thick or dry I would add a moisturizing mask to that routine!

Hi there! I am trying to find eyeshadows [singles, quads,...

Hi there! I am trying to find eyeshadows [singles, quads, trios, palettes] that are great for strawberry blonde hair (blonde but a little redish) and blue/teal eyes! What do you advise or think would match?

Re: Hi there! I am trying to find eyeshadows [singles, quads,...

@agiallom I have similar eye-colouring to yours (and blonde hair) and I find that brown eyeshadow shades look beautiful with my eye colour, especially for everyday wear. The Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette (the original one) is particularly amazing, so if you're in the market for a palette I'd highly recommend that one! 🙂

Re: All Things Blonde!

Hey folks! 


I am naturally dark brown, balayage to ashy/white blonde. I am trying to save money right now and I'm wondering:


Can I box my roots?? I know, I know, nothing compares to a salon trip, but ya girl is really trying to cut corners. It's hard with a Sephora & salons addiction. 


I have Clairol Shimmer Lights shampoo, but any tips I would LOVE! 

Re: All Things Blonde!


Re: All Things Blonde!


Re: All Things Blonde!

I haven't had an easy journey blonde thus far but I have finally came home with a tone I'm in love with.  Now, I'm looking for some product recomendations to keep my hair looking soft and smooth as well as helping to protect my hair from any additional damage if I decide to style it.  


I'll be keeping a bottle of Morroccan Oil and Anti-Snap within arm's reach as they've helped with the overall integrity of my hair but I'm sure there are some incredible sprays I'm missing out on!

Re: All Things Blonde!

@Nickelliebear1 I've had a good experience with Drybar's Prep Rally. It's a great detangler and protects from heat and UV rays. 


In terms of softness/smoothness, my favourite products are not in spray-from. I really love the Agave Oil Treatment (which doesn't appear to be sold at Sephora anymore :(), and Bumble & Bumbler's Don't Blow It. I usually let my hair air-dry, and whenever I put Don't Blow It in it before hand it always feels so soft, silky, and smooth by the time it's dry.


I hope that helps a bit. I'm curious to see what other's recommend. 🙂

Re: All Things Blonde!

Hey ladies!  I'm wondering if anyone has any tips to help fade toner faster?

I went to my stylist last week to put a toner on in between lightening steps.  Unfortunately, the formula was off and my hair pulled extremely blue (and where there's still some dark blonde in there, green) and there's no way I can walk around with this on my head for a month.  

Re: All Things Blonde!

@Nickelliebear1 the only thing that comes to mind is a strong clarifying shampoo, like the Neutorgena anti-residue shampoo (that's what I use to red any build up and it works like a charm). It isn't too expensive either, so it might be worth a try. 🙂

Re: All Things Blonde!

@Asche figured I'd check back in, it's been a while.  😉  I ended up trying my beloved Sunday by BB and it didn't really fade as much as I wanted, so I figured I'd take a stab in the dark and waited until my hair dried and smothered it in Blonde Ale.  The violet ended up being extremely complimentary.


I have NOW achieved what I'd consider a blonde.

Re: All Things Blonde!

That's great!! 😄 I'm glad something worked out. 

Re: All Things Blonde!

Has anyone tried the Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum line of products? I'm feeling like switching things up and am seeing a lot of great reviews for the shampoo and conditioner. What I really need are some purple hair products that are more hydrating (particularly when it comes to conditioner). 

Re: All Things Blonde!

Hi! @AscheI used the treatment and it was good for living hair soft and hydrated but not the best IMO for brassiness. I found the price very high for a little amount. I did not tried shampoo or conditioner.

Re: All Things Blonde!

Thank you so much for the info! It really helps. 🙂

Re: All Things Blonde!

@Asche I realy love shu uemura color lustre cool blonde. It is very pigmented. I use it after shampoo and before conditioner. I prefer it as my hair get dry with purple shampoo and it give better results. You can leave it for a long time for optimal results 🙂

Re: All Things Blonde!

Thank you so much @lauriebos! I'll check it out. 😄

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