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workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

we recently had a whole seating rearrangement at work.  previously, i shared an aisle with all men (younger) and i kind of became their go-to when they had an emergency clothing/shoe/hygiene/first-aid need because of all the crap i keep in my desk.  (i bike into work, hit the gym and then am at my desk for a good 11 hours a day at least ... thought work was safer than my kit locker at the y).


now, i share space with mostly women, who are mostly my age, who should mostly know that you don't take without asking.  i'm happy to share, but there is a limit.  a few kept coming over to use my beloved nuxe dry oil, l'occitane hand cream, and lint roller.  someone poached my lotus eye gel:  the last straw..  there are some things i'd rather not share.  now everything i don't want to share with the world is up in my overhead, and i bought vaseline cocoa butter and c. booth vanilla butter lotions for people to use.  interestingly, they are now calling me a b*tch, and selfish and so on.  i was even told by one that i should have said i was replacing what i'd had out with other things (?!); yet i'm still being asked for fragrance samples, the use of my personal things (hairbrush, mascara)... really curious if anyone else has come across this type of behavior.  it's really thrown me. i consider this variety of taking-without-asking the same as eating someone's lunch from the office fridge.


not going to give in on this, because i do spend a fair bit of money on these things for myself and because, well, some things are simply not okay to share.  i would, though, like to put an end to the 'borrowing' and perhaps find a way to humorously get the point across.


any insight or suggestions would be welcome!

Re: workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

Eww, that is so gross that they would use your stuff without asking!


Like you, I love sharing with others but for some reason I have a problem when people don't ask.


Tell them you contracted some weird skin disease or something, haha. Smiley Wink


Re: workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

can I go to your job to kick their @$$?

Re: workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

They are using your mascara?! That's disgusting. I would honestly make them buy me a new one!

At my office one of my co-workers has a scent allergy so I can't really keep handcreams at my desk as she could have an allergic reaction. So I don't really have that kind of issue. I would probably keep them in your purse or in your drawers (do yours lock?) or just flat out tell them you don't want them using your products.

Re: workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

what the?! this is insane! who do these people think they are?! it was kind and thoughtful to lend your products for use/ let people use what you have enough, but these people are greedy/selfish enough to take your things? im sorry for what was stolen from you and for the mental people calling you insults for some dumb reason. you have a right to your stuff and if you don't want anyone to use it they shouldn't, im appalled and I feel bad for you.

Re: workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

At this point I would be speaking to a manager and having them send out a "helpful" memo to all coworkers or having HR do it.  I would've personally flipped my s*** if someone actually STOLE eye cream from my desk (currently a stay at home mom) because really, do managers really want someone that's not trustworthy working for them?  Plus most eye creams are EXPENSIVE.


As for the complaining, I'd probably also be telling them my desk is NOT a beauty counter and hell no to the borrowing a hairbrush or mascara.  GET YOUR OWN.  That's like asking to borrow someone's toothbrush! 

Re: workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

Girl you have the patience of a SAINT. My boss used my crappy CVS hand cream twice last week, and the next day I ordered a bottle from our office supply co. so I didn't have to keep paying to keep his hands soft.


My office is just me and my (male) boss, but I have definitely used hand creams from women in other offices but I would never make a habit out of it. Lint roller or a sewing kit in a pinch, too, but it sounds like people are really taking advantage of you. I can't get over being asked for FRAGRANCE SAMPLES.

Re: workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

What in the world. I never take anything from anyones desk without asking, whether it's an expensive beauty product or just a pencil. That is extremely rude, and to act like they are entitled to YOUR luxury itemsis very selfish and childish. And you even bought replacements so the name calling is definitely uncalled for :/ I'm sorry you have to work with people like these. It makes me appreciate sitting in an aisle with nothing but respectful older women.

Re: workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

That's never happened to me.  These people sound awful.  They're calling you a **bleep** to your face?  That's obviously out of line.  You don't owe it to them to provide them with products that they like. 


I don't know why they're being so rude to you.  Maybe you said something to them they interpreted as rude so now they're just dishing it back?  Maybe you just work with horrible people.  At this point, there's not much you can do.  Just ignore them and go about your business. 


I borrowed a co-worker's hand cream once or twice, and I never in a million years would take it without asking, or expect it, and she kept her lotions on her desk.  It sounds like you're just surrounded by unusually ill-mannered people.

Re: workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

Let's see, what would I do....I would find a very attractive pump bottle lotion in a good brand. If you have one close to empty, all the better. Then I would mix a special formula of something thick and stinky or thin and stinky. Probably the thin. You could put some regular lotion in it, but add garlic, Limburger cheese, onion juice, and other fun stuff. Run it thru the Vitamix and add food coloring if needed.  Just sit it out on your desk. Maybe pretend to use it. Keep your good stuff locked up.


They are probably jealous that you have better stuff than they do. Do you really think taking the high road at this point is going to turn the ship around? Doubtful, so prank on!


You could come in early and "fix up" their work areas for them too. Not that I would know anything about that. O.O


Re: workplace 'borrowers' (etiquette question)

I LOVE you Brat!!! That is all. Smiley Very Happy xoxo

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