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word play

I was wondering if anyone else has ever bought some item of makeup more because of the name of the color rather than the color and brand itself. I am a freak when it comes to names and descriptions just as much as the color and quality of the makeup itself. Maybe because writing is my hobby/passion & I would love to make a profession out of writing though that's probably not an option for me Smiley Sad   anyways  i was wondering if the name of the color has ever pushed anybodys hadn to buy or stay their hand from buying a product?? and if so what is their reason behind loving/buying of staying their hand with hesitancy based of that product & name of the color or palette or kit etc. alone?

Re: word play

I guess cute names grab my attention and get me to look at a product but it has to win me over in the color/quality department before I will give it a shot. I  have purchased too many "what was I thinking?" products in the past and I am getting a little wiser.

Re: word play

Definitely. I am a sucker for cute packaging and names, as long as the product I am buying is good quality! I bought two blushes from thebalm recently, down boy & frat boy. I thought the packaging & names as well as the colors of blush were great. & I didn't own any blushes. So it was perfect! & I am currently eyeing the nudetude palette from thebalm.

Re: word play

The whole line of Illamasqua products has a bunch of items I want to buy because of the name but told myself no because I am mainly still iffy on that company since I've never got to see the products in person.


But yes I've gotten products because of the name but usually it's also because I liked the color and the name just justified my reason to get it haha. 


-Hocus Pocus eyeshadow by Mac

-Freakshow by Urban decay (plus packaging was cute with the two hands)

-Buffy the Violet Slayer nail polish by Wet n Wild...I loved buffy

-Lethal Injection nail polish by Wet n Wild (really when are you ever going to see that name again)

-Vampsterdam nail polish by OPI

Re: word play

The only thing i ever buy because of the name is nail polish. The names are adorable!! I bought a green polish once because it was called 'Leaf him at the altar" I thought it was cute. And also i bought an Orange polish (mainly cause orange is my favorite color) but it was called "Once a Cheetah always a Cheetah". It's my favorite polish!

Re: word play

First off I want to say that its *always* an option to follow your dreams and do what you love to do. Do what you love and you will love what you do. You get one life and you should be the one that chooses what to make of it. Smiley Very Happy


Secondly, I don't think that I've ever bought a product *just* because of the name. The naming is a plus but if the quality of the actual product isn't there, I don't buy it. I have some makeup items with cute names (benefit, thebalm, nars) but I absolutely LOVE the product itself, the naming is just a plus Smiley Very Happy

Re: word play

Yes! I think names have definitely pushed me in the direction of buying (as long as I actually liked the colors, too -- I don't think I would make a purchase solely for the name). Guerlain's Ecrin 6 Couleurs palette in rue de Sèvres was a must buy because I used to live close by (when I lived in Paris for a few years) and rue de Passy followed because I love the 16e. It helped that the palettes are comprised of colors I tend to wear frequently. While I do like the Marais (there aren't too many areas of Paris of which I am not fond), I eventually acquired rue des Francs-Bourgeois because I really loved the colors (even more than the name -- the other two have more sentimental attachment, though). Oh, and a while back there was a Fresh eyeshadow called Ecole Militaire (which is one of my favorite buildings in Paris, so again, sentimental value, and because (in case it's not obvious) I love Paris more than most things).


 I also tend to gravitate toward products with names of favorite things of mine or just names that I think are fun; Burberry has an eyeshadow called Mulberry and a blush called Hydrangea (it's bright pink, even though my favorite hydrangea color is blue). I love NARS names, too -- Antibes, Rouge Basque, Schiap (for Elsa Schiaparelli), Autumn Leaves, Damned (I don't why the last one appeals to me, but it does), etc. Smiley Happy

Re: word play

I started buying NARS 413 BLKR collection because I used to live near there when I was going to college.  It reminds me of those days.  Not to mention that the colors are amazing. 

Re: word play

Ones I don't like


- Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics  Color Concentrate in the color...grandma...

need I say more???? the name gradma seems bad enough for a makeup shade! no one wants to feel like a grandma in beauty maybe in status but not in beauty status

Re: word play

I'm likely to buy things even if they aren't my normal color because of the name.

In nail colors:

  • Butter London "Come to Bed Red".  It made me snicker like a 12 year old boy and I had to have it.
  • China Glade "Keep Calm, Paint On" made me smile.
  • Julep "Laura", "Catherine", "Sarah" because they're all important people in my life
  • Chanel "April" because it's my birthmonth
  • Deborah Lippmann "Happy Birthday" because it made me smile

Re: word play

Names of Colors I Love & have bougth or plan to buy & why: (i will post more as I come across them through time.


What I own: Kat von d Pandora's Box  Train case

WHY: I'm a mythology freak & I always found some of the myths about Pandora fascinating she reminds me a lot of the world and how yes there is a lot of bad in it but the last thing in her box had been hope and that is no weak trait to have in store for the world and the humanity within it. (Pandora's box seen above)


What I want NYX Cosemtics glam eyeshadow in the shade  Beauty blog Below because I love love love writing blogging peotry etc. I intend to buy this eyeshadow soon as I get the chance Smiley Happy nyx glam eyeshadow in beautyblog.jpg



some others I Like are are:

- Clinique - Whopping Willow Eye Tint Chubby Stick (Willow tree is my favorite type of tree)


- NYX Cosmetics - Round case lipstick in Athena (on of my fave mythological goddesses again I'm a dork when it comes to mythology LOL


 s220988-main-hero.jpgNars Eyeshadow  - Nepal


I have some good family friends from Nepal whom i've known since I was about twelve and I still keep in touch with them not to mention my friends culture I find fascinating. and intruiging 


Re: word play

I do that a lot. I was drawn to a NARS lipstick called Autumn Leaves because of the name and now it is my favorite(because of the name and because it ended up looking awesome on me). 

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