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time for a vote cx

so ive narrowed it down to a few costume ideas.. but i do need help with the stupid little details..

1. Chell from portal (yus i play video games <3)

of course.. the shirt would be longer.. and the boots would be a yotch to make... so i might just find some white heeled boots and paint the design on em if i feel crafty/ have the monies.. ill also need to paint the logo on a white tanktop, meaning i need someone with artistic skills.. 


2. a stupid guy.. like ya know the kind that sag thier pants and stuff cx

ill just go to the thrift store, buy some baggy pants.. and ask my bf for some of his boxers.. then wear a HUGE shirt and a baseball hat. maybe even a wallet chain. (i feel soooo cool writing this xD) maybe even a fake eyebrow and lip ring and ONE diamond earing. for good measure... lol


3. cat costume:

just like a normal jeans and a tshirt, and then ill use eyeliner to make whiskers and a nose.. and do some pretty eyeliner. kyler can survive a day cx


anyway, more ideas or just tellin me what you think i should be or how to make these ideas better..


Re: time for a vote cx

I'm with prettyinpa, the stupid guy costume sounds fun!!!    Perhaps you could go around singing "Pants on the Ground."  I don't watch American Idol, but the dude's song did go viral lol.


Re: time for a vote cx

Stupid guy seems most fun!

Re: time for a vote cx

I vote Chell!


You can always get the logo for the t-shirt printed off the comp on printer/iron-transfer paper and just iron it on a white tank, plus it would be great to have that costume on hand if you ever go to comic or gaming conventions!

Re: time for a vote cx

I vote for the cat or the stupid guy. Actually, the stupid guy costume could be loads of fun, you could really get some laughs with that one!
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