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things kids will never understand

i was in a car with a friend of mine and our kids (boys, 10, 9 & 6) when the 6 year old said why do you say roll up the window?  You mean push up the window!  my 10 year then explained that "back in the old days" people actually had to roll the window up themselves!  


this got me thinking...what are some things that you have done/said/seen that these poor children will never understand?

Re: things kids will never understand

paperclip and then there was a dog or something


on microsoft '10 there was an optioin to bring him back he just annoyed a ton of people lol

Re: things kids will never understand

I miss those I fluctuated between the dog & Einstein. 


Re: things kids will never understand

oh he was so annoying I would always x'd him out

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