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thebalm 50% off sale

just saw this in Musingofamuse's blog. it's going to be a 1 hour sale on September 25. it runs from 12-1PM.


not sure how that's going to work if the sale is only for an hour! the last time they had a 50% off sale the site was down for days while they fix it. lol.


anyone planning on buying anything? Smiley Happy

Re: thebalm 50% off sale

Ugh!!!! I will be at a career fair then. I wonder if they have a good mobile site.

Re: thebalm 50% off sale

1 hour? Uggh......I don't know if I'll be able to be at a computer at that exact time. But I do love TheBalm and own many of their products. I really want to get their sexy mama setting powder, and more of their overshadows.

Re: thebalm 50% off sale

Ha the sale doesn't start for another 24 hours & the site is already down 

They need a better tech team & servers :/ 

Re: thebalm 50% off sale

I might use the sale as an opportunity to try something, because I don't own anything from the brand and they get rave reviews from all over.  Anyone recommend a good place to start?  I'm thinking blush...

Re: thebalm 50% off sale

Just saw this on their facebook page! Definitely getting Mary Lou-Manizer full size. I took advantage of their first 50% off sale and got bahama mama bronzer and down boy blush. Awesome blush, the bronzer needs to be applied with a super light hand... but if you're tan but want to contour the sides of your face etc and are having trouble finding a good bronzer to you... you might like this one.


BTW - 12-1 pm PST!

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