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the great purge

anyone like to randomly look over their makeup collections and sort out things to give away to your friends, family, ect...? (ie 2 in the morning. lol.) its a win win for me because all the products i have bought that i do not like, usually my friends or family like and my family usually give me money or other products or jewelry (i am also obsessed over jewelry) and same for my friends. (but less money, its really awkward). do any of you guys do this? btw i need to stock up on make up. its at an all time low. any product recommendations? 

Re: the great purge

All the time! It is my favorite thing to do Qatar 3 am!

So do you sell it to your friends and family?

Re: the great purge

I get a wild hair every once in a while to go thru all my makeup and organize and get rid of some stuff that just didnt work for me. Usually happnes after I've been up half the night watching you tube videos and get the urge to put on makeup then I see the complete dissaray of my makeup and feel the need to clean and purge. I gave some to my friend a while ago I tried to pawn it all off on here but she wasnt having any of it. She took a few things but sadly most of it I still have. My family lives on the other end of the country so shipping it isnt an option and when i go home to visit them sadly the airlines and a heavy fee for going over your weight limit so it has to stay home maybe one day ill be able to give it away. Love the title of this thread!!!!

Re: the great purge

lol thanks. i thought  of it last minute.

Re: the great purge

I think I must be a weird one then because even when I don't like something, I try to use it up so I don't waste it. I rarely give makeup to my friends because of sanitary reasons (unless it has a pump or tube that you squeeze out) and also because most of my friends aren't into makeup as much as I am. I've recently tried to make goals for myself to finish off a certain number of items I've been hoarding before I can buy more of them.


But, I do go through massive reorganization periods so I can see what I have and make sure I rotate products out so I'm using all of my stash.


What type of products are you looking for? BT is great for enabling.... almost too good. I've had to avoid it recently for that reason exactly!

Re: the great purge

I do this so much and I feel like I still don't have room!

I've definitely tried to cut down my beauty spending because I feel like my makeup is taking over my room! LOL

Re: the great purge

OH MAH GAWD. same. Smiley Happy should have seen my room when i was sorting through it to find my all time favorite lipstick. i couldnt see the carpet! that why i got rid of around 80% of my stash. now for more shopping! yay! Smiley Happy

Re: the great purge

Smiley Very Happy this is a great topic, I recently gave away a mascara, a cream blush and a lip gloss that I got it for free and didn't like, my friends love makeup and I do too but I wasn't into the bright colors, but they loved it, so, I think it's better to give your friends the products you don't want so they can use it, instead of throwing it out Smiley Very Happy

Re: the great purge

All the time! When I don't like something, it goes straight to my mom! She gets so stuck in her makeup ways, she's so happy to get a chance to change it up!

Re: the great purge

I do that as well! I purge and then end up with a bunch of empty space and then I feel the need to stock up.


I end up just giving it away to friends and family. Mainly my family. A have a certain friend who is a bit greedy, comes to my place and asks to take stuff. I said ok the first few times and now she is taking advantage of it. And I don't ask for money or anything and never once has she offered to pay for dinner or drinks or anything after taking the stuff. I started closing the door to the bedroom so she doesn't go in there, but she is ballsy and opens the door to go in there anyways...


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