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the great purge

anyone like to randomly look over their makeup collections and sort out things to give away to your friends, family, ect...? (ie 2 in the morning. lol.) its a win win for me because all the products i have bought that i do not like, usually my friends or family like and my family usually give me money or other products or jewelry (i am also obsessed over jewelry) and same for my friends. (but less money, its really awkward). do any of you guys do this? btw i need to stock up on make up. its at an all time low. any product recommendations? 

Re: the great purge

I'm constantly giving stuff that doesn't work for me to friends. I find it better than returning product because if it doesn't work for me it inevitably works for my friends with different coloring and skin types.


I kind of hate to say it, but Wantable has been pretty much the best thing ever. I've had the jewelry box for a couple months, and the intimates and makeup boxes for a month each, and everything I've gotten has been perfect or made a perfectgift. Definitely things I never would have bought myself, but great stuff at a really good price.



Re: the great purge

I wished I had someone to give my unused or lightly used makeup items.  I loved it when my son had a girlfriend and I could give her stuff.  None of my friends or my mom are into makeup like I am.  So I'm really excited about the TSB #5!

Re: the great purge

Yay for TSB#5! I can't wait!

Re: the great purge

YES! I just got rid of all my Tarina Tarintino lipsticks to pave way for more buying. Here's my test: I twist up the lipstick, if it's brand new then I give it away.

Re: the great purge

I give all my used makeup I ended up not wanting or realizing I'm never going to be able to use up before it goes bad to my SIL after I sanitize it.  I also give her unused deluxe samples and tons of sample packets.  I give my best friend a lot of unused full size products, deluxe samples, and sample packets I can't justify giving her used makeup like I can my


As for product recommendations how about the Lorac Pro Palette, Bite Lipsticks or Lip glosses, and/or Tarte Blushes.  Those are some of my favorites right now.  Smiley Happy

Re: the great purge

Purging makeup today and came across this old (maybe 10 yrs?) Sephora palette! Oh the nostalgia! I snapped a pic to share with you beauties since I think you can appreciate the feeling of tossing something like this after ownig (and using) it for quite a while.


when I bought this I asnt really too much into makeup but liked to 'get ready' every now and the so purchased it. I used it on many a night out but never hit pan. The shades are absolutely lovely! They were pigmented and perfect. So sad to be tossing it now...



Re: the great purge

@H216- wow, that does look old! I can't believe how big the pans are! Smiley Happy -Laura

Re: the great purge

I purge continually, and everything goes to my daughter's and whomever is my current au pair. The only issue is when it's foundation, since no one in my house has anything close to my shade of skin - can I use it on my legs???

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