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summer fragrance

Whats your guys favorite summer fragrance? I'm in the market to buy one and want some suggestions. Smiley Happy

Re: summer fragrance

My favorite summer fragrance (one of my all-time faves):



Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Mandarine-Basilic


So fresh and cooling on the skin!



Re: summer fragrance

Mine are DKNY Be Delicious (the green apple)and Chanel's Eau Frachie. Two really great summer scents.

Re: summer fragrance

Lately I have been reaching for Dior's J'adore, which may not technically be considered a traditional summer scent...but I love how feminine and rich it is. Usually I spritz this on during warm evenings out.



I'm with Melissa about Escada, if summer had an official scent I feel like it would be one of their fragrances. I really like Cherry In The Air. It reminds me of DKNY Be Delicious (another fantastic scent that can be found in my fragrance collections during the summer).





Whimsically yours,

Re: summer fragrance

Hi 19blue19,


I always purchase the Burberry Summer each year. It's so light and airy and just has the right amount of citrus and floral.

burberry summer.jpg


I also like the Escada fragrances for summer!




<3 Melissa
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