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sick and tired....

apparently so tired that I slept until 1 pm today!  But I'm more annoyed than anything right now.  I got a letter in the mail from the Multnomah County Circuit Court today.  I apparently have a conviction for failing to pay a parking violation ticket now on my record.  The kicker?  It was MY HUSBAND who was at fault!  He works in Portland, so therefore, he drives to work.  I'm the legal owner on the title for the Civic.  He was at a parking meter and came out fifteen minutes late to refill the meter, and there was a ticket on the windshield.  Naturally, the police ran the plate and it comes up with MY name because I'm the owner.  This was May 31.  Guess who procrastinated and failed to pay the ticket, so the fine doubled?  Danny.  Guess who STILL didn't pay the ticket and had the audacity to say it was MY FAULT when he was the one in possession of the car and I wasn't even in Portland?  SO MAD. 


And naturally, he won't apologize, much less offer to call the courthouse, explain the situation and that the violation needs to be expunged from MY record, so I'm likely going to end up doing it in the morning.  Thanks so much honey,since that kind of thing messes with your credit history and credit score.


Seriously.  Three months and he was too busy to sit down and pay the stupid thing.  I don't think he cares, considering how it doesn't affect HIM.  I didn't even know about it until I happened to see the ticket on the table a couple of days later.

Re: sick and tired....

Ugh, that sounds terribly frustrating.  You have every right to be upset.  Guys can be so irritating sometimes.  Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em I guess.  Smiley Tongue  I hope everything gets better for you!

Re: sick and tired....

Called the court this morning to pay the ticket.  Spoke to a very nice guy named Michael, who explained that the wording of the letter is to scare people into paying the tickets.  So ticket is paid, got a confirmation number, and Danny will only have a very annoyed wife this evening when he gets home.  However, that ticket could have impacted my credit, etc. if it hadn't been paid. frustrating, I agree.  I love him, but still.

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