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rantarama: vol. 1, junkies!

so as you all know, I used to post a lot of rants, well maybe not to much, but a  good few, but then stopped doing posts for awhile, but seeing as I want to start making youtube videos, I'll have to get used to constant updating. and I love rants, so this is the first of my (hopefully) weekly updated rant series. but i have good topic now: what do you mostly buy and go crazy over in makeup. lipstick, mascara, perfume, blushes, etc.? I love lip products and always fall in love/ get obsessed with whatever new one i have ( now it's the lip wand from sephora collection) but i want to know what you always find yourself buying, and what do you have way to much of? and also, as a side note, do think this is a good series ide/ it's like the maltipoo makeup looks, but it has rants that come regularly instead of tutorials. so, answer away!

Re: rantarama: vol. 1, junkies!

I love the idea of a rant series.  I am always buying lip stuff too.  I always think the next one will be perfect but I always find something wrong with them.  

Shampoos, Conditioners, and body washes are my worst! For...

Shampoos, Conditioners, and body washes are my worst! For makeup I guess lip products, and blushes! Great question, make sure you let us know where to find you in the youtube world.

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