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"The Age of the Blogger"

This morning I was being a bit reflective of my makeup collection over about the last  7 years. In this time many things have changed, not only my style but also the beauty industry. I think this has largely been due to the emergence of beauty bloggers. I think the beauty bloggers created accountability within the beauty industry as great products can much more quickly become popular, cult-favorites (Ex. UD Naked) and those with less than stellar products (many drug store brand 5 or so years ago) or shadier practices (Lime Crime) will quickly be scrutinized. I've noticed with these changes many brands are putting out bigger and better products. I remember when I was just getting into makeup, I really disliked drugstore brands after many terrible products and I was pushed into shopping at Sephora.


Also to go along with the changes, the wealth of beauty information online grew. Unfortunately when I first started out, there weren't great forums like BT, youtube was just starting out, and I didn't know anyone that wore makeup. I used to buy magazines to get my beauty info, which often recommended average products.


I guess the whole point of this post was just a realization of how much change has occurred in such a short period of time, and how much I really appreciate bloggers and forums like BT!

Re: "The Age of the Blogger"

Hi Kenny,


Great to hear! Although I love makeup and buying the newest products I personally have never gotten hooked on beauty blogs and youtube channels- Sure they are fun but I think I don't have a good attention span for them. I'm a fan of the before and after photos of makeovers though Smiley Happy


I do love reading Makeup Geek and look at our Pro Artists IG accounts for tips and products- as well as those from brands directly. While I love looking at the pictures and seeing upcoming releases I'd rather try the items in person and see how they feel and work for me- or even get ideas from the blogs and photos I do come across!


I'm so glad you love BT! I do too, it's great to hear the tips and recommendations from all of you around the country and world.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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