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"The Age of the Blogger"

This morning I was being a bit reflective of my makeup collection over about the last  7 years. In this time many things have changed, not only my style but also the beauty industry. I think this has largely been due to the emergence of beauty bloggers. I think the beauty bloggers created accountability within the beauty industry as great products can much more quickly become popular, cult-favorites (Ex. UD Naked) and those with less than stellar products (many drug store brand 5 or so years ago) or shadier practices (Lime Crime) will quickly be scrutinized. I've noticed with these changes many brands are putting out bigger and better products. I remember when I was just getting into makeup, I really disliked drugstore brands after many terrible products and I was pushed into shopping at Sephora.


Also to go along with the changes, the wealth of beauty information online grew. Unfortunately when I first started out, there weren't great forums like BT, youtube was just starting out, and I didn't know anyone that wore makeup. I used to buy magazines to get my beauty info, which often recommended average products.


I guess the whole point of this post was just a realization of how much change has occurred in such a short period of time, and how much I really appreciate bloggers and forums like BT!

Re: "The Age of the Blogger"

Hi Kenny,


Great to hear! Although I love makeup and buying the newest products I personally have never gotten hooked on beauty blogs and youtube channels- Sure they are fun but I think I don't have a good attention span for them. I'm a fan of the before and after photos of makeovers though Smiley Happy


I do love reading Makeup Geek and look at our Pro Artists IG accounts for tips and products- as well as those from brands directly. While I love looking at the pictures and seeing upcoming releases I'd rather try the items in person and see how they feel and work for me- or even get ideas from the blogs and photos I do come across!


I'm so glad you love BT! I do too, it's great to hear the tips and recommendations from all of you around the country and world.

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: "The Age of the Blogger"

Discussion boards have definitely helped me make more informed decisions, and before discovering BT I swore by MakeupAlley (another fantastic collection of honest reviews). 


That having been said, I wish there were more sites/boards for older women to get information. I find most blogs and YouTube videos are posted by teens and twentysomethings whose tastes and skin needs are literally from another era! I totally appreciate what young ladies have to say, but it would be enlightening if older women could perhaps shine a light and tell me about the do's and don'ts of aging gracefully, or how to hide some of the less graceful stuff Smiley Wink

Re: "The Age of the Blogger"

@LCResz, I think you just stumbled upon a brilliant idea. I think it would be great if more mature women embraced blogging, there is certainly a niche to fill!


Re: "The Age of the Blogger"

I agree that there aren't many mature skin beauty bloggers out there, however there is a handful. I just did a quick search on Google and found many over 40, over 50, and a cute YouTube documentary about stylish pre-baby boomer generation women called Advanced Style. 

Re: "The Age of the Blogger"

Such a positively fabulous post kenny!

I to did not have anybody to look up to when I was just getting into makeup years ago and YouTube wasn't there. Without the internet I think I'd look like a sun-dried extra pepperoni pizza face.


You always hear about the older generation like our parents and/or grandparents saying things like, "technology these days" and "if only we had that back when we were young". It's a weird feeling being able to relate to that in terms of the beauty industry nowadays for our generation assuming that you're in your 20s.

Re: "The Age of the Blogger"

I know I would hate to imagine myself without any help from the internet. My skin would probably really suck, and I would have no eyebrows....


I find it crazy that we can use the phrase "back in my day...", since things have changed that much and I'm only just about to hit 20 (2 months!)

Re: "The Age of the Blogger"

Agreed 100%


I remember when all we had was Livejournal and the fledgeling Makeup Alley! It was NOTHING compared to what we have now! 

Re: "The Age of the Blogger"

Also, I totally didn't know about the Lime Crime Drama!  I just looked it up, CRAZY!  I remember her from back in the Mac_Cosmetics  LJ days like a decade ago (lol I'm old) and always sort of rolling my eyes at her HEY YOU GUYS LOOK AT ME I'M SEW SPESHUL posts, but this was way before her ethically questionable "company". 


I think blogging and internet usage is vital to the transparency of the industry, as you mention! Who could forget the outcry against Urban Decay when they announced they were going to be pursuing a Chinese market and thus abandoning their animal testing policy?  We all FLIPPED OUT, because we all learned about it from blogs. And UD decided to do the right thing because of the feedback.  

Re: "The Age of the Blogger"

I know, when you think about it, it is amazing how much power the internet has had, and how easily we are able to find out so much information about companies

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