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pay me already! *rant*

Your wedding is Saturday.  I'm doing your makeup.  I'm doing my own pedicure and manicure.  I'm doing Emily's and Mom's.  I'm doing your bouquets, corsages and boutennieres.  I'm running my **bleep** off making sure no more moments like the lilies being delivered this past Tuesday instead of this coming Friday don't happen.  I paid for and picked up your **bleep** wedding ring so it would be sized in time for the wedding ceremony. 


You just got paid and you're paying for a manicure and pedicure that's going to cost upwards of near $80 instead of paying me back for your ring THAT YOU NEED.  I offered to do your pedicure and manicure too.  This is not a hard thing to do.  I think you need the ring more than the mani/pedi.  You owe me $306.41 for the thing.  I want at least HALF of it NOW.  You owe Mom for paying your car payment since it made it in on time thanks to her from her own checking account!


Get your priorities straight.  Pay your debts off and THEN pay for fun things.


You know, I'm really not surprised she had to file for bankruptcy a year ago now.

Re: pay me already! *rant*

Good luck and I hope everything goes very well for the wedding!

Re: pay me already! *rant*

It should definitely be a great day tomorrow!  Supposed to be absolutely beautiful and it's an outdoor wedding.  The lilies thankfully didn't wilt despite being delivered this past Tuesday, and the bouquets and vases of flowers that I designed look fantastic.  My younger sister LOVES how they look and her wedding bouquet.  Going to be fun tomorrow, especially since I'll get to dance with my husband after at the reception!

Re: pay me already! *rant*



Oh boy!!   Smiley SurprisedSmiley SurprisedSmiley Surprised.!!!   You handled yourself  VERY WELL with this situation.  I cant say that for myself.  My language would have been editted out of the posting.

Re: pay me already! *rant*

to everyone:


Just so you know, she is paying me back.  This was agreed on with her before I picked up the ring and everything else.  She has a mileage check she receives next week that I'm getting.  The flowers I did for her wedding today, the money she owes...NOT going to be a generous gift (well, the flowers and arrangements are) and forgiving the debt she owes me as a gift for her wedding.  I understand she's stressed and all over the place, which is why I've been making sure everything's in place and ready for tomorrow.  We've got everything ready to go for tomorrow though, so I can now collapse on my couch and nap.  Ready to dress up and have everyone look pretty!


And while I do appreciate everyone replying, I just needed to get the frustration out that I had at the time and definitely didn't want to take it out on my sister and ruin her week or make her more stressed than she already is.  I figured this forum and rant would probably be a better idea.

Re: pay me already! *rant*


That's what friends are for!

Rest up and have a great day tomorrow!

Smiley Happy

Re: pay me already! *rant*

@waterbaby: That's why I don't want to get married!!!  More seriously, I can relate to your story, even though it's quite different. My brother and my sister-in-law are having a baby (yayyyy!!), but they don't have that much money. Well, they can afford it no problem, but they're not the "wiser" (is it a word??) people in term of spending their money. And when I had the *bright* idea to ask them if they really needed one certain expensive thing, the look my sister-in-law gave me, brrr!!! Anyway, loaning money to your siblings is always a delicate situation, but I can surely understand how you're feeling.


As for the hair, all of your stories made me laugh Smiley Very Happy. My situation is quite different from yours. My hair is really long as well (a little longer than the middle of my back) and I sometimes need to make a big change in my life. Also, everytime I go see my hairdresser, I always let her do what she wants. Except last time, I asked her a big change in my hair style, but she didn't want to cut it that much, so she only cut like 5 inches!!!!(and my hair is still longer than the middle of my back! It grows really fast!). Normally, I go every 3 months, to take 1 or 2 inches off, so it wasn't that big of a difference Smiley Frustrated. But then again, I couldn't picture me with a bob!

Re: pay me already! *rant*

waterbaby1981--Try not to attack your sister because I *guarantee* you that this fight will turn into" why are you trying to ruin my big day" and "this is supposed to be about me not you" and so on. Send her a receipt in her email and the next time you call her ask her if she's seen it. 


And I know how you feel. My family has helped out and loaned or given a LOT of money to people that either never gave it back, or took YEARS to pay them back. When my parents hit a rough spot and asked those same people that they have loaned out large sums to to help them out like they helped them, no one would. One of my uncles took 3.5 years to pay back $1500.00. He has a well paying job and he could have paid them back in 2-3 months if he'd saved. Everytime he calls he filters "sorry I cant pay you back yet" into the conversation and if my mom hadnt called him and asked him for the he would have probably waited a couple more decades. And this is just one story, I have dozens more just like these.

Re: pay me already! *rant*

Hi waterbaby,


Sounds like you knew this would happen, so you shouldn't be surprised.  I would consider this all your very generous gift to your sister.  Write in a card that the money for the ring, bouquets (list evrything) totalling 306.41 is no longer owed, happy wedding day and good wishes etc etc.

It sounds like it will be painful to get the money back and just contentious, so maybe just dissolve it graciously as her wedding gift and realize that her and her money issues are a problem that she will bring with her in her marriage and is no longer your burden.  I think doing this will also help you feel better on the day and for the work leading up and at the same time not taken advantage of but graciously, generously, giving to your sister.  What you're doing is truly lovely and loving for your sis.  Not to mention your Mom will be happy to look pretty on that special day in her life when her daughter gets married, so take pride in your contribution rather than seeing it as being taken advantage of.


Smiley Wink

Re: pay me already! *rant*

Wow, she has some bad spending or rather buying habits. Proceed with caution though because as soon as you mention money or lose your temper with her it's going to be "how could you do/say that and this is supposed to be my special day?" yada yada yada and then people will more than likely not defend you because no one wants to step on a bride's toes etc. Take a deep breath, count to ten.


I am SO glad we are on the topic of hairdressers here is my RANT and this is a LIFELONG RANT:


1) I have very long hair but not cousin It long. I am 5'10" and a half and my hair is past the middle of my back. It is medium thickness, very easy to work with and if I do say so myself, I take REALLY good care of it and as a result it is shiny, healthy and people are constanlty coming up to me thinking it's not real (as in they think it's a weave). Now what I want to know is:

WHY THEN DOES EVERY FREAKING HAIRDRESSER TRY TO LOP OFF ALL MY HAIR WHEN I HAVE CLEARLY SHOWN NO INTEREST IN DOING SO? I am happy with my long hair, it suits my look, my style, my face... why mess with a good thing?  I have gotten face framers, bangs etc. so it's not like I'm boring with it.


2) Once, when I asked for a trim a hairdresser ended up taking 3 inches off my hair. Whip out a ruler and tell me is that a trim? no that's a HAIR CUT which I did NOT ask for. Why is it hairdressers think they can just do drastic things with people's hair like that? It honestly feels like a violation of some sort. I mean if you went to do a manicure and asked for red nail polish and they chose to give you blue they would be in hot water. Hairdressers get away with so much IMO.


3) Stop making me feel like long hair is somehow outdated and that I must chop off my hair everytime Rihanna or Jennifer Aniston decide to make a change. Short hair, long hair, bobs, they never really go out of style.


PHEW! sorry but you guys have no idea what I go through. I'll give you one last story. I got my hair trimmed by this hairdresser once. I wasn't really a regular customer but I decided to go back two weeks later to get my hair done with her and do you know she was combing through my hair and said " Wow, looks like you need a trim!" My jaw literally dropped. I told her, "you trimmed it two weeks ago..." The look on her face was beyond priceless. I would have laughed had I not been so pissed. So she's not really looking at my hair, she's just going through the motions while trying to bleed me of my money?

I never went back.


This is a great post.

Re: pay me already! *rant*

@island cutie: I feel your pain. I stopped going to the hair salon for good three years ago. I used to texturize my hair because I like to wear it curly, not straight and relaxed. I've stopped doing that, too because people NEVER listened when I went and always tried to relax it. ONce I Went to get a texturizer and the hairdresser WOULD NOT DO IT. She talked me in to coloring my hair instead. So I picked a nice dark coppery brown. She dyed it burgundy wine. I have skin with yellow undertones-- blue based red hair color makes me look like death warmed over. Finally, sick of always letting the "professionals" decide what looked best on me, I complained to her that the color did not come out like I showed her and pointed to a woman in the salon that had the color I wanted. The hairdresser says to me "Well, next time pick that color then."  I had. She just happened to dye my hair THE EXACT SHADE OF HER OWN! (If I had a dollar for the number of times I've brought in PHOTOS of exactly what I wanted and ended up with the hair stylist's own color, cut (When I went for a trim) or style, I'd be out of debt by now.

So now I do my own hair, with all natural products.

So there.


Re: pay me already! *rant*

wow...sounds like...a feamale dog

Re: pay me already! *rant*

@waterbaby: Oooh, is this your younger sibling? I totally feel your pain. I'm the oldest, my sister is five years younger than I am -- and THEN we have two siblings (8 years younger than I am)...and even though my sister and I are really different ourselves, we're similar when it comes to basic things -- and sometimes we feel as if we were raised (us vs. the two younger ones) with two entirely different sets of parents in terms of responsibility, going above and beyond for family, etc. It's ridiculous...


I know she must be really stressed out with her wedding, but is there any way you can politely mention that while you understand she's all over the place right now, you had to cover a rather large sum of money and while you would love to say pay you back when she can, you need it back...*now.*


@sephoramusthave: I have really long hair, too, and while I understand that stylists mean well, I think a good stylist -- more than anything else -- LISTENS. It's one thing for a stylist to have an opinion about how s/he thinks someone's hair should look, but the bottom line is that the client -- you -- are going to be the one wearing it every day. I'm sure your hair looks good as it is, but even if it didn't, it's not the stylist's job to judge.


As I said, I have really long hair -- and one time I said I wanted two inches off, but the stylist ended up cutting more than twice that ("But it looks so much better!"). I was quite a bit younger and not as outspoken as I am now -- now, when those scissors creep up  I have no qualms being like "OH HI -- I THINK TWO INCHES WILL DO IT, THANKS."

Re: pay me already! *rant*

katie1724---Hairdressers would love if every woman cut her hair super short because that way they would come in every month and leave them more money. They have never cut my hair above the shoulder but they love to cut more of my moms hair. My mom gets a haircut 2-3 times a year, and everytime she asks them to just cut 1-2 inches and they always try to go for 3-5 inches. She watches them like a hawk in the mirror to make sure that they only cut off as much as she told them too. We both hate getting out hair cut as much as we hate the dentist.

Re: pay me already! *rant*

I'm not going to another hairdresser until right before Christmas vacation because this last guy made me SO mad. Usually I get my hair cut twice a year, when it gets to the um "chest area" I get it cut just below the shoulders. I havent cut my hair in this past year at all and that really surprised me because we've been having triple digit temperatures here everyday for a month, and very high temperatures the last 3 months. ( 95-99). I typically get it cut before beach vacations and before the holidays but this year I just let it grow. It didnt bother me at the beach at all this year, I put it in braided pigtails everyday and it was no problem. I especially love my color right now, its a light honey brown, the sun lightens my hair a LOT. During the summer I almost look blonde. I love that I never have to color my hair. Smiley Very Happy

Re: pay me already! *rant*

Here's my rant:


I went to get my hair cut last week and the hairdresser was a complete a-hole. My hair is long ( 3 inches above the hips on the back and layered in the front) and I wanted to get my bangs back because they grew out and I wanted to cut off an inch all around just to get rid of the nonexistant split ends. I look fine without bangs but I like myself more with them and I've had them my whole life. Not having them feels like something missing. The WHOLE time when he was "examining" me he was complaining about how this is too long, that its too much work, that it would take too long and so on. He gave me some horrified look when I told him to cut my bangs like I would look disguisting if I did that. When he told me to stand up because my hair couldnt be cut sitting down I stood up, took off that stupid plastic wrap thing, told him "Thats it! You obviously dont know what you are doing" and I WALKED out the door."


Am I proud of myself? 

Hell to the yeah.

Re: pay me already! *rant*

I HATE getting my hair cut Smiley Tongue My hair is about 2-3 inches below my armpit and I have no bangs, no layers, no anything. I only want a trim like an inch or so when I get my hair cut. I don't want my hair straightened or styled or washed. I understand that some hairdressers want creative freedom to do whatever they want, but if you say spesifically what you want, they shouldn't push unless they know you are adventurous with your style. 

Re: pay me already! *rant*



You are a trip!Smiley Wink    Oh well, he lost a good customer.    He B,M, and C the whole time he was cutting your hair- well not really cutting your hair!

Re: pay me already! *rant*

A haircut is one thing you definitely cannot just settle for!  I know from experience that it has to be done right.  Good for you.  Its silly to pay for something you know you're going to hate!  Kudos! :3

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