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no shopping year. 2014

hey guys. my familyis moving and we need all the money we need and so i will be conducting a no buy (or well.. not as much as i do now) and just enough to reach vib again. anyone with me? 



anyone can join

please stick to the rules

its basically a nobuy with cheats

splitting the money ($350) evenly throughout the year (a little heavy in the holidays)

this starts JANUARY 2014! 

must have products are part of this. 

tax is not part of it

you may only spend 350 dollars plus an extra 20 if you croot through the makeup collection you have and participate in a sephora box. (more details on that in a later post)

good luck guys! i hope u join me in this!

Re: no shopping year. 2014

All the more power to you and anyone else who joins!!!! I hope that you all can do it! I will not be participating because I am too much of a makeup addict and I have no willpower!!!


Good luck and I hope to hear that you all do well!!!

Re: no shopping year. 2014

LOL!  Same here.  I did a no-buy for a month once and was seriously impressed with myself.  

Re: no shopping year. 2014

me too! except I think I just kept a metal list of everything I wanted to buy and went crazy the next month.... :/

Re: no shopping year. 2014

I did a week and patted myself on the back with more makeup.

Re: no shopping year. 2014

omg lilyyy i laughed so hard when i read this!  *cough* makeup junkie! *cough*

Re: no shopping year. 2014

Good luck!  Though you'll probably want to stay away from BT as much as possible - we're a bunch of enabling jerks. Smiley Wink  

Re: no shopping year. 2014

enabling yes... jerks not so much Smiley Wink

Re: no shopping year. 2014

I would totally join, if I didn't already plan to it the mall with my Christmas money the first weekend of January, and I know I would already have lost right then and there Smiley Sad but good luck! 

Re: no shopping year. 2014

Good luck!  I won't be joining in as I'm already planning my purchases for next year. Smiley Very Happy  Yeah I'm a total junkie!

Re: no shopping year. 2014

I had too much trouble with no-buy for a month, I binged bought on the 1st of the following month. I probably would have spent less if I had been able to make little purchases all along.

Anyone who can go a whole year without purchases (using the $350 or not) has my undying admiration, especially if you are a makeup-aholic like me.

Re: no shopping year. 2014

I know that's not gonna happen for me, realistically. Now am I going to spend less in 2014? Yes. Because 2013 was my first year buying makeup an lemme tell you, if you saw the spreadsheet I'm putting together of your purchases your jaw might drop, I know mine did. I felt ashamed at the amount that I've spent. At the same time though I know I'm pretty much set. There's nothing else I really need at this point (though theres nothing anyone need makeup wise anyway), so any spending I do in 2014 will be minimal. Rebuying foundations/tinted moisturizers I've run out of, eyeliners, mascaras, maybe a moisturizer or perfume, and the occasional eyeshadow.  


I'm pretty sure I'm going to set myself up for only spending maybe $150 a month on makeup, if that.  


But if Sugarpill pushes out anything new next year, or in December, I know I'm royally screwed. I have an addiction to their eyeshadows. 

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