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makeup face off

I'm with my family for the holidays and something like this was bound to happen me and my sister both fell in love with makeup at a young age and still have it as one of our passions.  so she has challenged me to a makeup face off. I will do her makeup and she will do mine whoever has the better looking model wins! wish me luckSmiley Very Happy (by the way i'm the younger sister)

Re: makeup face off

That sounds like so much fun!  You should go on YouTube and look at Urban Decay's video tutorials to get some great, bold ideas.

Good luck and have fun!

Re: makeup face off

I wanna see pics of both looks when you two are through!! Good luck!!!

Re: makeup face off

AHHHHH that sounds so fun! I wish I had a sister Smiley Happy

Re: makeup face off

That sounds like so much fun! I wish I lived closer to my sisters Smiley Sad. You should definitely post pictures of the results, if you can! Smiley Very Happy

Re: makeup face off

OMGHHKP!!!!!! That sounds so FUN!!! I wish I had a older/younger sister....huhhhhhhhh......... Well then have fun & good luck! Smiley Happy Post the pictures because I really want to see!!!!!!! Again GOOD LUCK!!!! Smiley Happy

Re: makeup face off

OMG....that sounds like sooooo much fun.... good luck beating your big sister!!!  I'll be rooting for you! i wish i had a sister like that!!!

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