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makeup AND skincare junkie?

Just out of curiosity, do you tend to splurge on makeup more than skincare, or vice-versa? Or is it equal?


I used to only buy high-end makeup and stuck with drugstore skincare, but now it's really 50/50. Skincare has become very important to me and a lot of times, I'd rather buy high-end skincare to fix the "flaws" than cover them up. The only thing I don't splurge on is facewash, so that's still a drugstore buy for me.

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I spend a lot of money on both but overall Im more of a skincare junkie. Once I find a holy grail I stock up like crazy because I hate going to the store for ONE thing (the cashiers always annoy me with their "is that ALL for you" talk). Right now I know what I like and I tend to rebuy the same items when Im out. Its rare for me to try new skincare nowadays. Give or take a few items, this is my current makeup stash....


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