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makeup AND skincare junkie?

Just out of curiosity, do you tend to splurge on makeup more than skincare, or vice-versa? Or is it equal?


I used to only buy high-end makeup and stuck with drugstore skincare, but now it's really 50/50. Skincare has become very important to me and a lot of times, I'd rather buy high-end skincare to fix the "flaws" than cover them up. The only thing I don't splurge on is facewash, so that's still a drugstore buy for me.

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

Hi Nsingh,


What a great topic!


Right now I think I spend more on make up. Only because, my skincare items last awhile so I dont need to replace them as oftenSmiley Happy 

<3 Melissa

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I spend a lot of money on both but overall Im more of a skincare junkie. Once I find a holy grail I stock up like crazy because I hate going to the store for ONE thing (the cashiers always annoy me with their "is that ALL for you" talk). Right now I know what I like and I tend to rebuy the same items when Im out. Its rare for me to try new skincare nowadays. Give or take a few items, this is my current makeup stash....


Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

Hey! Presently I'm a 50/50 when it comes to spending on skincare and makeup. I used to buy a lot of drugstore products in skincare and makeup previously but due to my acne-prone, sensitive skin I realized that I needed something of quality because drugstore products were beginning to dehydrate my skin and simply make it worse. I'm not bashing drugstore products but the ones I've used have unfortunately disappointed me. Also at Sephora, I love the fact that you can speak to professionals who can guide you into making your skin LOOKING the best whether it's to treat it or enhance it. In addition the fact that you can buy a product and god forbid it gives you a bad reaction, you simply bring it back, no questions asked. So I am grateful for Sephora because it has allowed me to explore quality products that have improved my skin and I was able to avoid those horrible prescription treatments that for ME did more damage than anything!


Thanks Sephora! Smiley Happy

PS. GREAT TOPIC nsingh! Smiley Happy



Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I'm definitely a bit of both.  I have no problem splurging on high-end skincare products especially products that actually work.  I try to do my homework first before making the investment.  I would rather treat my skincare issues and maintain good skin rather than cover it up with tons of makeup.


Outside of facials, my biggest skincare splurge is the Clarisonic Mia.  I tried using the Olay product, which sells for a fraction of the Mia.  To me, there is simply no comparison.  I have also purchased high-end facial cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers.  Every once in a blue moon if I'm totally out of something, I might purchase something from the drug store such as the Ponds makeup remover wipes to tide me over until I purchase the products I typically use.


As for cosmetics, I definitely splurge on those especially when I purge my old stuff and do an overhaul to update my makeup.  I love splurging on foundations, primers and eyeshadows.  The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer was a huge investment for me and I actually gulped a couple of times when I saw it in my online shopping cart.  It was the first time I have ever used a foundation primer and I really wasn't sure I could justify spending that much money.  But, this was an excellent buy and it has lasted for quite a while.  The MUFE HD Invisible Coverage Foundation and the NARS Foundation Powder were quite costly, but I couldn't be happier.  Again, I did my homework first and Sephora's cast members graciously gave me samples to try before I committed to anything.  Because of Sephora's Beauty Insider offers and samples, I haven't had to spend a lot on mascara.  The only drug store mascara that I have ever used is Maybelline's Great Lash, which I still love.


Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I think I'm definitely more of a makeup junkie. I invest in good skincare, too -- but I finally found skincare products that I love and that really work for me, so I think that makes me less likely to try out new products (even if I read a great review -- why rock the boat?). Makeup, on the other hand...if I come across a good review or blog post, I'm all about it. Smiley Happy I don't spend quite as much as I used to -- after coming to the realization that it would never be possible for me to use what I have -- and I'm a bit more selective, but I would still call myself an addict Smiley Wink


Also, to lowrah: I swear by tretoin and clindamycin, and I would pay out of pocket for both if my insurance didn't cover it!

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I splurge on both!! Especially when it comes to the skin care stuff. I'm hooked on the Philosophy skin care line. I like that I only have to buy that stuff once a year, because I don't have to use as much compared to the drug store brand stuff where, I actually have to restock more often, because it doesn't last as long as the prcier stuff. Plus I really like how Philosophy makes my skin look and feel, compared to the drug store stuff. And of course I'm addicted to splurging on the make up stuff at the high end store compared to the drug store. I feel the expensive stuff looks better and feels better on my skin. 

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I like to also splurge on both too. I'm obsessed with the First Aid Beauty, Bliss, Soap & Glory and Dior's skincare lines. I have very sensitive skin, so it's important for me to buy products that won't break me out. I find that higher quality skincare products have improved the overall appearance and look of my skin.



Whimsically yours,

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

60/40 Skincare/Makeup.  I blame picky skin.  Plus I am not as fond of layering tons of facial makeup as much as I used to be (aside from pictures). 


It might also be due to having issues with a lot of lower end products growing up.  The market was not nearly as diversified as it is today (the internet has made information, products, and brands able to proliferate and penetrate into different markets.  IE non-urban areas).  There was more regional exclusivity. 

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

i like to splurge on both, but find skincare products always end up costing me more.. Quality always seems to cost more Smiley Happy

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I splurge on both skincare AND makeup!


But I did realize one day that what is the point of buying so much makeup if your skin isn't looking flawless to show it off? Revamping my skin regimen was the best thing I ever did. It's also an easy way to convince myself to buy MORE makeup Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I always splurge on various things. but splurging on skincare will make any makeup you have look amazing. Also for makeup there are different things. Most cheap eyeshadows are just not as pigmented as more expensive ones. If you splurge on a really nice primer (like Benefit's Stay, Don't Stray), a cheap eyeshadow will look a lot better. If you spend a lot of money caring for your skin, all the makeup will look better on it. And for makeup it depends. I love doing my nails so I spend a lot of money on that. For Christmas I splurged and got the Nars 6-blush set, but now... every time I see a blush or bronzer I think I'll like... I remind myself that I have 7 Nars blushes at home and I use that money on something else. I am very very slow to spend a lot of money on lipstick. I like a lot of YSL and Chanel colors but it's very hard for me to spend more than $18 on a lipstick. I also spend good money on makeup brushes because again, a good makeup brush can be used to put on a cheap eyeshadow and make it look very nice.

Oddly enough, I used to splurge WAY more on skincare, but I've been using a whole lot of essential oils as part of my skincare regime, which is costing me a lot less and is making my skin look great. I'm getting older and my skin is WAY more dry now than oily, even though it's still combination and I still have acne... I have a whole host of moisturizers still, but lately I've been moisturizing just with jojoba oil, and using it to clean my face as well. So now that my moisture needs are covered I have a ton of things like a great cleanser lineup, and a lot of eye creams and stuff. However I have been experimenting with skincare for so long that... now I'm figuring out what works and sticking with that. Sometimes it's expensive, sometimes it's not. I've noticed that when I'm in a real 'try things' mood I'm spending a lot more money instead of when I just stick with the things that I know work for my skin.

Actually, it doesn't matter what it is for me, I am always splurging on beauty products no matter what. so now instead of spending certain money on skincare I'm now spending it on haircare. Haha.

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I'd say I'm about 75/25 with makeup and skincare.  I tend to splurge more on makeup since I have pretty good skin.  The only skincare products I own 3 moisturizers (one is a drugstore one), one hydrating eye cream, a face cleanser (Purity), and a cleanser/exfoliator (Bliss).  Since I don't splurge much on these skincare products, I justify buying makeup palettes because they'll last me a long time, and I'll actually use them.

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I buy more makeup but I spend more on skincare products. Does that make sense?


I like to try different things and usually when you subscribe to one brand or product an entire line of skincare regimen is involved so I give it a shot. 


Makeup you can buy tons of. I don't use it all but for the most part its less expensive than the skincare products.

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I definitley splurge more on makeup! I used Clinique skincare products, so not drug store, but I'm a makeup student and have been non stopping makeup shopping to build my kit Smiley Happy

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I have to say both. I get a lot of sample packages like Sephora Favorites to try out makeup and skin care products I may not just go out and buy a full size version. I love trying new products, and I may just discover a new product too.

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

Skin care, hands down.


I have quite a bit of $$ in monthly prescriptions (spironolactone, tretinoin, adapalene, clindamycin) in addition to $$$ for PCA Skin care products recommended by my dermatologist.

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?



I love takign care of my skin but I also love the expression and personality that adds to me with the makeup.  Therefore, I spend equal amounts.  Both can be difficult for me however, especially with my skin being sensitive but I work with it.

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

I splurge on makeup. I was almost sold on high end until Neutrogena came out with their natural line. Still, if or when I splurge on a Clarisonic, I tell myself  I will buy name brand products to use with it.

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

well up to this point i've spent more money when it comes to makeup even though i actually don't wear a lot of it all the time, but mostly because a lot of the cheaper stuff tends to break me out and just doesn't sit well on my skin. i've been starting to spend a bit more money on skincare as well since i used to just use the drugstore brands as well, but i realized that since it's best if i just have perfect, glowing skin without makeup, why not spend some money on a skincare routine that works with me?

Re: makeup AND skincare junkie?

Splurge on skincare. See, I got dragged into it by a Clinique saleslady and when I saw a real difference a skincare regimen made in my complexion (instead of just water then globs of L'oreal all skin-type moisturizer), I got hooked on skincare.


My reasoning is when I take excellent care of my skin, 1) I won't need much make up, and 2) It's so much faster because I won't need to use make up as often and if I want to but didn't have time, I don't have to panic.


And then...I start justifying buying expensive make up. You see, since I don't use make up often, a make up pallete will last me ~3-5 years, so even if it cost $50, it's still cheap in the long run. Besides, more expensive make up look better and last longer right? since I don't need much, buying expensive make up is totally fine.


Since I'm still 24, I keep my skincare to <$50 per item and make up to <$50 per pallete, <$25 per item (brush and Fresh Sugar balm). When I'm past 40...I think I will start splurging on serums and increase the limit to $100 for skincare, but make up will stay the same.

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