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Post in Besides Beauty

let's play truth or dare

i dare you to google your beauty talk screen name. i just did this and my reveiws for sephora products are on bing...?  just do it it's really fun. Smiley Tongue

Re: let's play truth or dare

Wow, I look published there are so many hits!

Re: let's play truth or dare

What a fun topic, mine brought up Michael Jackson videos.. lol Smiley Happy

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: let's play truth or dare

Wow, talk about weird random stuff!  I didn't realize that so many other people are using the handle prettyinpa! Actually seems creepy rather than fun.....

Re: let's play truth or dare

Found lots of gaming references and a baby in a bathtub on YouTube.  The sephora 800 heart party was on the first page. 


On the images, I found the avatar, Frisbee, rappers, anime, and lingerie. 

Re: let's play truth or dare

Apparently GeminiBreeze is a boat company! Lol I guess I should write them and ask for royalties off my tattoo since it's free advertising for them? lmao

Re: let's play truth or dare

Hi Nanobear18,


What a great topic! I found some random stuff as well when I typed in my screen name.Smiley Happy

<3 Melissa

Re: let's play truth or dare

How fun! I tried to put mine in the search field and it asked if I meant Tiffany&Co. Smiley Very Happy I searched again and the first thing it pulled up was my 400 Hearts Party thrown by smartmint. 


Thanks for posting this nanobear18.





Re: let's play truth or dare

I'm a Redkin shampoo. Who would have known?

Re: let's play truth or dare

My results on the first page included comments on YouTube videos, my MySpace page (that I never look at anymore), Yahoo! Answers questions I've either asked or answered, and one Beauty Talk answer to a question I asked.

Re: let's play truth or dare

It brought up my dead Twitter account lol.  It also brought up different BT topics I've created or responded to. 

Re: let's play truth or dare

Mine brought up Bernie's Beauty Salon in Leonardtown,MD O.o

I don't even know which state MD stands for!


Re: let's play truth or dare

OMG  There are over 25 pages and there is another Katimae that spells it the same way who is a dead head.  Weird.  There is onnly supposed to be  between 3000 - 4000 Kati's in the US who spell it K-a-t-i.  So strange.

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