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ipsy February 2014

IMG_77628008392706.jpegIMG_34452974670440.jpegOk gang its that time again! 

So I would like to congratulate and welcome










To ipsy because February is their first month with ipsy! Yay!!!!!!!! 

Now you girls get to really join in on the fun! So here's hoping that February is a much, much, much, better month with ipsy compared to last month.

Like last time I'll post sneak peek as soon as they become available.

Any ideas as to what this month's theme will be?

2/3first sneak peek

IMG_41010014892656.jpeg Confirmed pop beauty lip gloss


2/4 second sneak peek


Confirmed soya nail polish(maybe from the natural collection?)



Jcats palette

Jcats false lashes

Mally eyeliner

City color blush

? Might be nyx or jcats not sure right now

Re: ipsy February 2014

I received mine (finally) today.  I'm pretty happy with this month's.  Of course they gave me the City Color blush in the melon, which is the one color I did NOT want and have told them before no orange blushes!  But I got the petal lip gloss I wanted and like it.  It's a lot brighter and darker on me than I would have thought from the pictures, but I do think it looks good and like it.  I got the Tini Beauty eyeshadow cream in Ambrosia and oh is that a lovely color!  I would definitely buy this.  It looks pinky brown with lots of sparkles but looks a bit more coppery sparkle on me, but I just really really like it.  Just the right amount of cool sparkly brown shimmer. Love!  I'm excited to try the First Aid Beauty cleanser.  And I did get the Zoya nailpolish in the purple. I don't use nail polish and have said so before, but everyone got one so I'm glad I at least got a decent color. It will make someone happy. So ... two products I really like, one I am excited to try, two I won't be using but still seem pretty decent products to me so will be going to friends or a TSB.  Pretty happy this month!

Re: ipsy February 2014

i subscribed to ipsy couple days ago too.. cant wait to see their upcoming bags and all them goodies

Re: ipsy February 2014

Got mine today and I have to say, I am REALLY impressed with the lipgloss! It isn't sticky, it smells great, it has awesome pigment, it isn't drying, and I feel like it will stay on my lips for a while (can't say for sure yet.) I still wish I got the eyeshadow palette, Pacifica lotion, or first aid beauty lotion Smiley Sad the only other thing I will probably use is the purple nailpolish (I got the color I wanted, yay!)

Re: ipsy February 2014


Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 8.46.56 PM.png

the blush isn't for me...but overall i'm happy

Re: ipsy February 2014


I wanted the nail polish (hope it's purple) and gloss so I'm happy... But I could pass on the lashes and blush... Boo!

Re: ipsy February 2014

I'm very excited for my bag this month. I wanted to try a new blush anyways! <3


Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 9.41.53 PM.png

Re: ipsy February 2014


i wish I got the palette though!

Re: ipsy February 2014

I got the same items you did! Smiley Happy I haven't received mines yet, in January I got mines around the 28 Smiley Sad

Re: ipsy February 2014

I'm fairly happy with mine! I got the palette, yay! Smiley Happy and I'm always a sucker for false lashes so that's a plus. I'm excited to try everything except for the Dr Lin acne spot corrector! 

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 4.46.09 PM.png

Re: ipsy February 2014

Lucky! I wanted the palette so badly. -_-

Re: ipsy February 2014

I'm surprised! I usually never get what I want from ipsy! I'm jealous you got the blush though! It looks nice Smiley Happy

Re: ipsy February 2014


This is my bag...I just got that First Aid Beauty sample in something else and I can't remember what....But I'm excited about the nail polish! 

Re: ipsy February 2014

Wow, a bag that I can't really find fault with!  Is it because this is my last month before it's time for me to renew? Smiley Wink  


I did receive the BB cream before, whether from Ipsy or another subscription service, but I liked it so no complaints about getting a refill.  The only thing that might not be 100% is the blush shade, but let me see what it looks like when it arrives.  In the past, I did receive a couple of blushers/powders in shades I normally wouldn't have picked out, and they turned out to be pleasant surprises.


Re: ipsy February 2014

WELL. In a total turn-around, looks like I love my Ipsy bag and hate my Birchbox this month. Of course, we'll see if Ipsy gets the colors right this time...


ipsy Feb.JPG

Except for the fake lashes. I would have preferred ANY of the other possibilities over those. Oh well.


Meanwhile, in my Birchbox this month I'm getting two Benefit products (HATE Benefit), a fragrance (so over fragrances right now), a color stick - which could be okay but I tend to not be drawn to them, and dry conditioner.


But who knows? I could totally change my mind when I try out everything. Smiley Happy 

Re: ipsy February 2014

This is what I'm getting:




I could live without the cream shadow and the lashes. I would have like the Pacifica body butter, the Phyto-C gel or the FAB red clay cleanser, the blush. Oh well.


This is what I'm getting for Birchbox:




This means I am done with them. I have not liked a single box from Birchbox. 

Re: ipsy February 2014

This is exactly what I'm getting in my first ipsy bag...we'll see if I like it enough to keep subscribing.

Re: ipsy February 2014

Im happy with mine! I really want to try that mask, sounds interesting!


Re: ipsy February 2014

Not super happy with mine :/




I've already received lashes from ipsy, why send more? I can't apply falsies for my life lol. Also the body butter is something I already own full size (at least it was a correct guess that I'd like this product haha), and I really really dislike cream shadow. I hope that I at least get the cream shadow in a color I can use (the Raisin color or that taupe looking one). I was hoping for the blush, you can never have too much blush! Or at least the eye shadow palette.

Re: ipsy February 2014

Happy with mine:


Ipsy Feb2014.jpg

Re: ipsy February 2014

This is the same one I'm getting. I'm happy too!

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