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Post in Besides Beauty


i honestly have no idea what to do...

i have the HARDEST times coming up with costume ideas.. and its fast approaching!

im kinda nerdy.. so honestly ive been thinking of nerdy things i could be..

my mom wont let me be anything sexy or revealign... beings that im 13...

i was originally thinking of being marceline from adventure time

but then i noticed how hard it would be to get red cowboy boots.. especially if i never wore them again..

then i was thinking of just being a cat, with normal jeans and a tshirt but with kitty ears and cheesy eyeliner whiskers... but then i thot.. if i make out with my bf then itd get all over him and mess it up on me..


btdubs this isnt me, just some REALLY pretty girl... 

so then i was thinking barbie..

but theres no red head barbies (silly Anna)


so i honestly have no idea what to be..

any ideas?


sorry for the long post, but id appriciate any ideas.. 

also.. try to keep it cheap.. i dont have much so i usually use stuff i already have, or stuff i can easily find in a thrift store..


Re: ideas..

Hmmm, nerdy things... 


I got this.

-Dr. who characters. You could do amy with all the sharpie marks on her from the silence.

-Harry potter, puck your house, get that color tie, a white dress shirt, and some nice pants or a skirt

-pacman or mrs. pac man

- a math joke? square root of negative one, less than three, and whatever you love. 

-Big Bang characters



That kind of thing maybe? Movie, Tv characters,and book characters are always a coolway to go, but there are tons of other ideas. Or you could just go really all out with gore makeup and zombify your self.


I went to party city yesterday and they have some relativly cheap accesories which you could use, or gore makeup. Target also had bargain items. I got a blong wig for eight dollars at target. Horrible quaility, but it's just for halloween. Smiley Happy


~We are all beautiful~

Re: ideas..

I always did cowgirl, that only requires a rope, a bandanna, some cowboy boots (any color) and a cowboy hat. You can get a cheap straw cowboy hat from a farm store, costume store, thrift store or maybe the Wal-Mart. If you have a cowboy pearl snap shirt, that's a plus but not necessary. Plus no makeup to smear.

Or a pumpkin, you can color a white trash bag orange with Sharpies, draw a face on it, then stuff it full of newspaper and tie around your neck with your head and legs sticking out. Pretty simple and inexpensive. Witch is always easy with thrift store stuff.

Re: ideas..

Well, first of all, the boots in that pic look maroon, or reddish brown, so you can totally wear it with everything. Second of all, is it really that hard getting red cowboy boots? or are you looking for a specific style? I like colored shoes because you can wear the plainest outfit with the blah-est hoodie and it instantly make everything look put-together/intentional. I have these:

Ariat Fatbaby pink camo cowboy boots

And I get compliments from ladies all the time, and great conversation starter with guys. It's suede and SO comfortable that I've been wearing it every fall/spring for the past 5 years.


On the other note, nerdy outfits (first hand sightings from going to science HS and engineering college): tetris block (cardboard+spraypaint+duct tape), circuit parts (LED, resistor, capacitor), star trek stuff (turtlenecks, bright ducktape stripes and paper print out of a badge), astronaut (a ton of white trashbags + tape+white helmet), robot (silver spray paint, cardboard box), and pretty much any movie characters.


You can also pull a twist on a classic character, or just movie inspired character. For this Halloween, I was thinking of Trinity from Matrix if I'm really lazy, or the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland with the mirror from Sephora+Cinderella collection as my pocket watch, or disillusioned faerie (normal faerie gear, but disheveled, heavy make up, and a nice dose of scathing sarcasm). As for which one I choose, that will depends on how busy I will be that week.

Re: ideas..

There is a red headed Barbie!


Her name is Midge! I got this one YEARS ago when I was little and LOVED her!  That one is the Jewel Haired Mermaid Barbie.

Re: ideas..

Barbie can be any color she wants to be in this day and age, no?  I'm honestly so unimaginative when it comes to costumes, I just go to party city and buy my kids , but i did like u as a kitty.

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