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how do you make new friends?

Just wondering, as i moved a year and a half ago - still haven't made any friends. I just don't know how. :s

Re: how do you make new friends?

@neko333   I agree with you about people who meet you and immediately want to be your best buddy.  Too intense for me!  But, I think it's a good idea to put yourself in situations where you are likely to meet people you have something in common with.You are also doing something good for yourself when you spend time following your interests.   Most people we meet in such situations become pleasant  acquaintances but a few may actually become real friends. 

Re: how do you make new friends?

I have many acquaintances and friends that I've met all through the same hobby. I think my point is, if you go with the intention to make friends you strike out. I'm not saying not to go out and do something you enjoy. Just don't try too hard, it's a lot like dating. People get so focused on trying to get an A on the test they stay up all night studying only to oversleep and fail. 

Re: how do you make new friends?

Strike up a conversation! -  Even a small conversation can be the start to meeting new people that could lead to a friendship. Possibly with someone you work with, in your favorite local store (even at the check out!), Cafe, etc. The more that you put yourself out there (in the community), it is a resource to meeting new people - Group volunteering, clubs (for something that interests you), a workout/dance class, etc are also great resources for meeting new people (as has been mentioned).



Re: how do you make new friends?

i moved nearly 3 years ago and still, the only friends i have here in town are people that i already knew before i moved! there are a whopping two of them haha. i am a stay at home mom, so i very rarely get out. the only new friends i've made have been on the internet. i just don't know how to make friends! i'm too introverted... the friends i DO have i don't interact with much, especially since everything that's been going on with my son. it's just too easy to pull into yourself sometimes and cut contact with most of the world! 


i really should go out and do things i enjoy doing that involve other people haha. 


i wish i had some advice for you, i know how lonely it can get sometimes. i think nebel had some really good advice, though! i should probably try it out for myself Smiley Happy

Re: how do you make new friends?

Thank you all for sharing your experiences and advice. I think it'd be a lot easier to discover new friends in a big city, but i've got to make the best of the situation. My interests are so varied or unique ( ex: makeup, motorcycles, circus arts, reptiles , cooking) that it's difficult to find any groups or what not, that share that interest - especially in a small town. But i'll definately put all of your advice(s) to good use Smiley Happy Thanks BT! I know i've got friends here Smiley Happy


Re: how do you make new friends?

If someone invites you somewhere, say "yes" as often as possible. Brunch invite? Yes! Birthday party? Yes! Shopping date? Yes!


The same goes for you, invite as often as possible. If someone says no, "sure, no problem! maybe next time Smiley Happy". And then make sure that you DO extend the invitation again.

Re: how do you make new friends?

Ya got me there, kiddo. I still have no idea how to "make" friends.

Like Neko333 said, they just kind of happen.

Just be yourself. If you're shy like me & have trouble talking to people you don't know, then don't. Let them come to you and go from there.

Don't force yourself to be someone you're not.

If you're the outgoing type, just do what comes naturally.


Most friends are made via a shared interest, shared environment, or through other friends (online works too). Pursue your interests and friends will find you.

Re: how do you make new friends?

You can also try things like It's not a dating site, but a list of groups where people get together based on interests e.g. Going out to dinners, happy hours, kayaking etc you name it there's a group for it.  It'll get you out doing things and meeting new people.  Also look for things such as art or cooking classes whatever ur interests are and take a few.   Join a gym n take group classes.  Just start some small talk n become a regular at classes you like n you'll get friendly w people over time.  Also, look for outgoing people, n make friends with them, just by default u can meet a lot of new people through them, then develop friendships w their friends as well

Re: how do you make new friends?

I had the same problem and I had been in my town for a long time. I hated to go any where myself to meet people, the thought petrified me. I finally got up the nerve to go out on my own and try a keep it local dinner group.  After that I got involved with volunteering for charity events. I also joined a once a week cooking glass. Do what you love and I'm sure you'll find some great people out there that share your interests. Good luck!

Re: how do you make new friends?

Its hard to make friends when you move to some place new. What kinds of things do you enjoy? Look to be more involved in activities on your own that you enjoy and then you will meet people with shared hobbies. I do yoga. I do it at my gym and then a class at the park district. Although I have not attempted to make new friends there, if I was looking to, it would be an easy place to start a conversation. Since the class meets weekly and the same people come, you have the chance to talk to someone. If you get talking enough, you can suggest coffee or a bite to eat. For me, I might join a running club.  I see from your bio that you like riding your motorcycle and cooking.  How about a cooking class?  Go to the local Harley Davidson if one is near by or whatever brand motorcycle you have and see if they have a riding club.  Michael's craft store has cake baking classes.  Just some ideas! 

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