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hey, i m planning to buy highlighter but i m confused which one i should buy . i used mac one but it does not suit my skin as my skin is dry and sensitive.

Re: highlighter

Hello, I thought I would ask: I am looking for a sheer highlighter that goes on clear. Becca's was less sticky than Mario's Expensive, and pretty good, but still a little too goopy. Mario's -- my hair stuck to it it was super goop. My hair kept sticking to apples of cheeks, where I like it applied. I


don't want glitter, I love NARS Highlighter like Sporty Girl but my color is Albatross. (I agree with her NARS excellent highlighter.) But what if I want a clear highlighter with a little glossiness? Benefit High Beam is too artificial. Does an adequate product exist?


Thank you for anyone's help. I appreciate your thoughts.

Re: highlighter

@V21988 oh, and I was also going to mention this brand has some very popular 'natural looking' highlighters... rms beauty Living Luminizer  rms beauty Master Mixer 0.17 oz/ 4.82 g rms beauty Master Radiance Base Cream Highlighter  I havent tried any, but I've been interested in this mini quad since it has a few diff. shades to try... rms beauty Living Luminizer Glow Quad Mini 0.08 oz/ 2.4 g 


there is also a promo now w/the code NYEGLAM where you can get a sample of their luminizing powder. 🤗

Re: highlighter

It was a great morning. @treestar86 I read about each and the coffee was great. The Living Luminizer is the one. I knew from a brief look last night I was so attracted to the colors and it was so Givenchy (I bet just as good too!). Perks: I can try a new bronzer; I always use Bobbi's Almond stick foundation for that. I can try something different this way and I am going to wash my brushes to prepare, I love it.


I have never tried a rose colored highlighter, this newness, I where do I put it? Anywhere I want to just glow right?


I sent away for the rms beauty Living Luminizer Glow Quad Mini 0.08 oz/ 2.4 g . I like what I read this is very exciting. If only shipping was not so long but I this to look forward to.


AND I also got Gucci Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière — All Over Face & Lip Gloss 0.14 oz/ 4 g @SportyGirly125 - thanks.

Thanks to you both, this is fun.


Oh from another thread @lmaster - I got a second #Natasha Denona I Need A Nude Lip Liner NB4 Naya in this order - because the name is so personal to me and & it's selling out. I just know it will a deep nude give dimension i hope, but I have a good feeling about it. I had to get another. I wanna pair it with Pat McG's VALLETTA - it's gonna be b****n'!


Thanks this morning was just how I like it!

Re: highlighter

I must study these I wanna go all out like not fill three bags, but I can get Gucci and yes, will read these four products - I love dopamine, this is.... up my alley. Thank you. They look exotic and totally new to me. 💫🛀 YAY

Re: highlighter

Re: highlighter

I fly by the seat of my pants n' can't get em' all. That, this, rms beauty Living Luminizer Glow Quad Mini 0.08 oz/ 2.4 g is the one for it's time and place. And Gucci so I'm covered on new ways to draw light.


Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions. Enjoy yourselves, everyone and @treestar86 

Re: highlighter

youre welcome, and no pressure, haha...hope they work out whatever you choose. 🤗

Re: highlighter

@V21988 hmm, clear and glossy...well I'm not sure if that exists, but I remember brooke shields saying she used vaseline back in the day as a highlighter (before there were highlighters, lol).

Re: highlighter

@treestar86, I know what you mean glossy is not clear. You are right. I had a communication breakdown. I meant (and should it needed clarity) more like a very thin sheer skin balm, not so much glossy texture, that sucks it goopy and it made me look like a clutz.


I love Albatross, but I want to try some new stuff. Thanks for catching that. I am going with the Gucci Eclat. I am really attracted to the tincture look, the packaging, the name, the shine the models have on their face. 


It's rare I do anything anymore, like not work but fun, but I have been really into DEW lately. I probably would wear it in the house, since I'm in exile like the rest. 🎸💧💧💧

Re: highlighter

@V21988  yes, I just meant I'm not sure that exists as a highlighter...the vaseline I mentioned or even a lip balm might be more the 'clear skin balm' you were looking for.  I figured theyd be worth a try since theyre cheap and you probably already have them.  could play around w/them under or over highlighter...anyway it sounds like a nice look and I'm also into the natural dewy look...I'm just not sure you can get the glossy dewy look w/o actually being glossy and sticky and getting your hair stuck to it as you mentioned, lol...(as happens w/lipgloss too).


buuuuut...I got this thing from Ulta, called Yuni gliding light illuminating balm...only tried it on my hand so far but it's nice.  I'm not sure if it's available where you are, or if its as glossy or 'wow' as youre looking for, but that seems most like what you described so you might look into it.  I know there are other similar 'balms' from other brands.


anyway...the gucci one you mentioned looks nice, I'd love to hear how it works out and if its what you were looking for.

Re: highlighter

I am being called. I think a lot about what existance really and what is the criteria? I need to be alone, but I got some great things lined up for tomorrow coffee. I love my jade tool, ...🔜

I'll respond ante mortem "aka AM." I am smiling. Goodnight.


Re: highlighter

#Gucci Éclat De Beauté Effet Lumière  - yes, it looks exactly like what I am looking for.

@SportyGirly125I have no risk buying, and if it works KEEPER. I have never used a Gucci makeup product before. I know it will be small, but this isn't every day. I want extra dewy on my skin for rare occasions but want it somewhat understated, and the pictures look like it is.  Thanks again! It is reasonable for Gucci. Thank you.





That product to the right, I put a little on my hands, just a tad warmed it and patted and it was DEW CITY - not a lot and you won't stick to walls.That product to the right, I put a little on my hands, just a tad warmed it and patted and it was DEW CITY - not a lot and you won't stick to walls.

Re: highlighter

@V21988 I love Kopari Coconut melt!  Glad I could help.  The Gucci gloss has been on my love list for a while now and it keeps going in and out of stock.

Re: highlighter

Yes! I was on the right track! I love it! Thank you.

Re: highlighter

@thaper I love Nars Fort de France highlighter

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  • That product to the right, I put a little on my hands, just a tad warmed it and patted and it was DEW CITY - not a lot and you won't stick to walls.