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hi guys :)

i've been mostly mia for a bit, it's been crazy around here and i've been pretty overwhelmed. i've lurked a lot, but that's about it! just wanted to pop in and say HI! and give a little update Smiley Happy


my son finally gets fitted for a brace next thursday! i am so excited for him. it should take a few weeks to get here, since it has to be specially made, but he should have it by the time we go to disneyland! it will be great Smiley Happy he'll finally be able to walk! instead of struggling to walk and keep up with us, we'll be struggling to keep up with him! 


he also has a urology appointment/renal ultrasound/occupational therapy appointment a week later, so we can hopefully see if he's still got clusters of lymph nodes in his abdomen, and they'll check for a bladder infection (those are really common with spina bifida- he's got a neurogenic bowel/bladder so they don't function properly and his bladder doesn't fully empty) the lymph nodes are worrisome, so we are hoping that they're clearing up. 


i've also got a court hearing next week in the custody case with my ex, though since i've had to file contempt papers against him, that will likely be postponed. plus we are having issues with the person we booked our disney vacation for next month through, so that is up in the air as well. just waiting on a refund and hoping she actually follows through and sends it to us so we can rebook it ourselves! i may be going slightly crazy at this point... 

Re: hi guys :)

It sounds like you have been a crazy train lately!  I am so glad to hear that your son will be getting braces and that you are going to Disneyland for a well deserved and needed bit of R&R.  You and your dear boy are in my good thoughts and prayers.  I hope that his issues improve and that you get some true peace in your life.  Take care and keep us posted.  <3

Re: hi guys :)

Hopefully everything works out ok! You're a great mother! And I definitely believe in karma, so anything you lose will come back to you tenfold. Your son may be facing a lot, but he'll be able to face anything both with your support and with the strength he's gained from every obstacle.

Re: hi guys :)

It's good about your son getting his braces. I hope that things get better and you all get that well needed/deserved break for some fun.

Take care of yourself Heart

Re: hi guys :)


Re: hi guys :)

Oh honey, it sounds like you have more than enough on your plate.  I'm so excited for your son though, getting a brace will make such a difference in his quality of life.


I am sending you many good thoughts.



Re: hi guys :)

How exciting for your son! He'll have a blast at Disneyland. Hopefully all of the stress can end soon. Glad to hear from you Smiley Happy

Re: hi guys :)

Good luck with your son's health.  When your children are well you really don't need much else!

Re: hi guys :)

it will be great to see my favorite place in the world through his eyes Smiley Happy and i'll have friends there at the same time as us, so it should be a really fun trip Smiley Very Happy 


i think once we get the brace and find out about the lymph nodes maybe the stress levels will go down a little. hopefully! i know that vacation will help tremendously with all of my stress as well! 

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