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fixing broken lipstick?

A few days ago I was putting on lipstick (Buxom Centerfold, one of the minis from last year's holiday set) and it broke off at the base. Smiley Sad I'd read about this happening and kind of expected it because the mini lipsticks from this set are unusually long and skinny and the formula is pretty soft. I managed to kind of smoosh it back into the base but it keeps breaking off at the base even when I'm really gentle with it, plus the lipstick case is all messy now and it looks bad.


Do any of you have tips for fixing something like this? I bookmarked a couple lipstick depotting tutorials I found here on BT but I would prefer not to have to make a lip palette since this is the only lipstick I own that's broken like this, it would feel like such a waste especially because I'm not a fan of using lip palettes. Also, this is an everyday MLBB color for me, so a lip palette wouldn't be very convenient to have to carry around. Thank you in advance!

Re: fixing broken lipstick?

Thanks everyone! I'll try to fix it tomorrow, one of my friends offered to let me borrow a lighter for this. I'll update then and try to get pictures.

Re: fixing broken lipstick?

If you have a straightener that would work too! Good luckSmiley Happy

Re: fixing broken lipstick?

Heat the bottom of a stick lightly ( get a knife hot and hold it against the bottom?) then press it to the base and put it in the fridge/freezer. 

Re: fixing broken lipstick?

You could always depot it in a single pot, or I know Michelle Phan has a YouTube video on this you could look up

Re: fixing broken lipstick?

Do you have any small containers with a screw on lid? You can essentially "depot" that lipstick alone and carry it around in that container, without having to make an entire palette. Or you can keep it in the tube it's in and just use a lip brush to apply the lipstick and not try to apply it directly from the tube.


I am sorry to hear about the broken lipstick Smiley Sad  Good luck!

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