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eye drops for contacts

I just started wearing contacts again (it's been over ten years I think) and for some reason they are a bit annoying. I never had this problem before, even when I first started wearing them, so I'm thinking that maybe my eyes have gotten dryer with age or something. I think if I find some good eye drops that will help. I've been using Complete Blink-N-Clean eye drops but they seem to make things worse (blurry). I am SOOOO sick of wearing glasses so I really want to keep using contacts. Can anyone recommend some good eye drops that are safe for contacts that might help?

Re: eye drops for contacts

I too suffer from dry eyes with contacts.  I had to switch to Proclear daily disposable contacts and that worked wonders.  But, I still have occassional need for drops.  


I use Systane Balance (this one must be placed in the eye 15 min before putting on contacts).


While wearing contacts I use Refresh Optive (not made for contacts but since I wear daily pairs there is no need to worry about build up on the contacts)


When I had regular contacts I would use Refresh for contacts. But I find that the formulas that a meant for use with contacts are not as strong.


Also, my optometrist told me, putting in eye drops is like wearing moisturizer.  If you only do it once in a while, it is not going to help.  You have to be consistent.

Re: eye drops for contacts

Thanks for the suggestions! I used to wear Fresh Look contacts & I didn't have any problems so maybe I should go back. I also tried Accuvue Oasis once and I found them to be uncomfortable too. I have a free trial right now (I'm not even sure what kind they are lol) so I can exchange my order easily. Thanks again!

Re: eye drops for contacts

I recently was having problems with my eyes being so dry. I couldn't even have any type of air on in my car unless I had sunglasses on because the air bothered my eyes, even if it wasn't blowing in my face.


I tried multiple different kinds of eye drops and none of them worked for me. I ended up having to go to my eye doctor and she got me artificial tear drops that work a lot better than any drugstore brand that I had tried. A lot more expensive but worth every penny because my eyes have not been bad since. Smiley Happy

Re: eye drops for contacts

I used to work for an optometrist (before I became a mommy).  I use Refresh Contacts.  But why not call your optometrist/ophthalmologist and just ask what they recommend for you and the type of lenses you're wearing?  They can give you the best advice. 

Re: eye drops for contacts

Hi catherineu2, 


I use the same drops as katie1724 but also carry a bottle of contact lens solution AND visine for contacts. The rewetting drops are slightly thicker feeling and really help to refresh my eyes considering I'm in an office with lights and air conditioning all day! Smiley Happy 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: eye drops for contacts

I always used ReNu Rewetting Drops because they were soothing and didn't sting or bother my eyes -- but then I switched contact types, and I rarely have this issue anymore (unless I'm in a car for long periods with the heat or AC blasting -- things like that). You could always call your eye doctor and let him or her know that your eyes are dry -- there may be a lens that it is a better fit.

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