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I have been thinking about buying an ebook reader.  However, I really don't know that much about them and was wondering if any of you own one.  And if you do, what brand do you have?  Also, can you help me out by giving me some information about the amount of memory, file formats and features that your ebooks have and what I should be on the lookout for when purchasing one?

Thanks, in advance, to all of you for any help you can offer. 🙂


Re: ereaders...

I have a Kobo and I love it. It came with 100 books already on it (mostly classic books). The battery lasts a long time and, depite adding to the library, I still have a lot or free space.

Re: ereaders...

I just wanted to update that I finally made up my mind and bought a Nook!  I am loving it!  It's so wonderful because it's small enough to fit in one hand comfortably and turn pages with that same hand if I want to.  It only took a few hours to charge it to full capacity before I used it and ran the setup (as recommended by the manufacturer) and I was set up and reading in no time.  Anyway, if anybody has a question about the Nook, feel free to post it and I'll keep checking this thread.  I'm not an expert on all the features yet, but I do plan to take one of Barnes & Noble's free seminars on all the little "hidden" features that'll be handy beside just turning the page and reading.


Re: ereaders...

How's the magazine selection on any of the ereaders?  I have looked into them briefly but most of the time they did not seem to offer much in that category.  Would probably use it mainly for travel purposes and would want a good selection to choose from.  Usually one picture/beauty/entertainment magazine when I do not feel like reading too much and one more informative read (Pop sci, economist). I still love the feel of a book or magazine at home but not the weight in a carry on. 


Is the newspaper selection decent? 


How is the weight of it in comparison to a laptop?  Also in the means of travel.  Unless I really need to get things done, I avoid taking a laptop since the smart phone can handle a lot of tasks. 


Pretty sure if you play around with it, you will figure out most things on your own.  (:

Re: ereaders...

Hi, ran8.  I am loving my Nook.  It weighs less than a pound!  It's super lightweight at only 7.47 ounces in weight and it slides easily into my purse because it's also ultra thin.  The Nook has access to a huge online bookstore with over 2 million choices of publications.  I have personally not downloaded a magazine subscription yet because I'm so into the book I'm reading, plus I've still got several mag subs coming to my house and want to wait until those subs run out.  But I have looked through the options and there is a good selection of magazines and newspapers both.

As far as magazines go, I'm not sure exactly what kind you like, but here's a few of the one's that I like that caught my attention for example:
- Cosmopolitan

- Us

- Shape

- Woman's Day

- Glamour

- Elle

- Marie Claire

- House Beautiful

- Redbook

- Harper's Bazaar

(And you can get a 14-day free trial subscription on a lot of the emags before you're committed to paying for a year's subscription.)

As far as newspapers go, they have national, regional, etc., newspapers, such as:
- New York Times

- USA Today

- Los Angeles Times

- Chicago Tribune

- Boston Globe


In the book category the possibilities are pretty much endless.  So far I've not searched for a title yet that I haven't been able to find in eBook format.


Before I bought the Nook, I looked at tablets and seriously considered buying the Toshiba Thrive tablet, but decided it is pretty much exactly like my smartphone only in a larger size.  And for reading purposes I thought it was too heavy and awkward and my main purpose for getting an eReader was to make reading easier.  I figured I would be duplicating the efforts of my smartphone and making my reading uncomfortable if I got a tablet instead of an eReader which would be defeating the whole purpose of an eReader in the first place.  So the Nook 2nd Edition is much better for me, personally, than a tablet because of the light weight and thin size.

Hope I've answered your questions.  If not, let me know and I'll try to help.  Let me know if you decide to get one and what you think of it.

Re: ereaders...

Tenngal, you are a better spokesperson than the guys at the Nook booths in Barnes and Noble.  I asked about those things and they seemed clueless everytime (reminded me of best buy a little too much).  That's actually not a bad selection of magazines.  Either that or their catalog has been greatly updated within a few months.


Not bad.  I'm sure The Economist might be there.  If not, that's okay too.  Would love to find something like architectural digest available in ereader format.  Those tend to be heavy and huge.  If I find myself doing anymore 8+ hour trips, an ereader will be on my list.  It is obnoxious to tote around lots of magazines and books, especially anything with flight connections/delays. 


Thanks for the information.  Another question:  Does it tend to heat up quickly (similar to smartphones and tablets?).

Re: ereaders...

@ran8:  LOL!  You're right...Some of the sales associates don't know how to power one on, much less what kind of books and magazines you can order, ha ha.  Anyway, I did want to let you know that The Economist is available in Nook format, but Architectural Digest is not (at least not yet).

As far as the unit getting hot, I have not noticed it getting hot at all.  I have a Droid smartphone which will heat up after surfing the net for a while, etc., but the Nook stays cool.  The other day I sat with it sitting on my thigh for 2 hours while I read and it didn't get my leg warm at all.  Of course, I do have it in a protective case.

Hope this answered your questions.  If you have any others, just let me know and I'll try to help.
tenngal 🙂

Re: ereaders...

I have a Nook Color and I love it. It's lightweight and fits in my purse. I travel often so it's nice to have right there. I always have my wireless on so if I just leave it without reading for a week or so I'll find it with still half battery and it can last through 24 hours of straight reading with full brightness and wireless on. You can also put a memory card in it if you need it, but you can hold thousands of books on it without the card. I also have music, pictures, and apps on mine along with 30 or so books and that barely takes up any memory.


I have a subscription to natural health on it too and it's nice because you pay a dollar or so a month, but can cancel whenever you want. Or if you want you can just buy single issues if magazines. You can also store files from your computer on it though you cannot edit them.


If you use your Nook for internet and reading like I do (I don't have a smart phone) than I definately recommend the NookColor but if you only want it for ereading I suggest the regular Nook instead (you can read outside with the normal Nook since it's not backlite. You will get a glare if you read outside with the NookColor though the brightness of the backlight is controllable).


Oh! I almost forgot, if you are a writer at all, Barnes and Noble has a program called Pub It! where you can publish and sell your own ebook on the site though 40-60% of the royalties go to B&N.


Hope that helped:)


Re: ereaders...

I have a kindle and I love it. I find I'm reading much more than before. Amazon has most old classics for free. Alot of sales for $0.99 or $1.99. Most books are usually atleast $1 or so cheaper in kindle version vs paperback.

Re: ebooks...

Thanks for posting this, I too have been debating, Kindle or Nook?  I am concerned how long the batteries last, I travel a lot and it would be nice not to have to keep recharging it, I always forget to bring my iPod charger, so it would be nice not to worry about running out of charge.

Re: ebooks...

@Prettyinpa The charge on my Kindle lasts for a while (at least a week) as long as I don't leave the wireless on.  I just use the wireless for the few seconds it takes to download a book.  I usually browse and purchase on Amazon.  If you leave the wireless on, the charge won't last very long.

Re: ebooks...

I have about decided to get the new Nook 2nd Edition with touchscreen.  (Not the color Nook.)  The Nook is supposed to last up to 2 months without recharging as long as you keep the wi-fi turned off and it's supposed to stay charged about 3 weeks with the wi-fi left on full-time.  I love the way the Nook is so small and will fit in my purse really easily.  I also found out that Barnes & Noble has over 2 million ebooks available versus about 950,000 titles at Books A Million for the Kindle.  Of course, they both have their good and not-so-good features, but I'm seriously leaning towards the Nook 2nd Edition.  I'm still researching and waiting for more feedback before making a definite decision.  I appreciate all of you who have passed on your thoughts and experiences on the ereaders.


Re: ebooks...

I have an iPhone and I just use the Kobo or the Kindle reader app on that. I like that it means I can buy and download books wherever I am, and it's one less thing for me to carry since I don't have a separate reader.

Re: ebooks...

@mermadelove:  I have a Droid phone (similar to iPhone), so I could download books to read on it like you do your iPhone, but isn't the display kind of small to read a novel on?  I've wondered about that and also about the battery life of my phone if used to read a book on.  What are your thoughts on that?  Thanks for your help!

Re: ebooks...

@tenngal: I just came back from vacation and decided that the readers on the smartphones are good in a pinch or on a day trip, but when you get stuck at the airport for 12 hours like I did, using the smartphones as an e reader kills your battery in no time flat--- so I'm asking for an ereader for Xmas!!!!! 😄

Re: ebooks...

Hi Tenngal.  I have a Kindle and I love it!!!!  I have an old one so I can't speak to the new technology offered but if you are on the fence about whether you should get one, I highly recommend it.  If you love to read, it is so convenient to take with you and of course there is the instant gratification of getting the book you want when you want it.  New book are a lot less expensive and there are even ones you can find for free. It is definitely one of the best investments I have ever made. 🙂 


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