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dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

never will i ever go to a tanning salon again or even lay out in the sun!! yes i know your supposed to have sun for vitamin d but i am saying that i am not going to just lay on the deck or float on a raft in a pool for hours and hours....


as of right now, my skin is okay.. i just went to the dermatologist the other day and everything checked out fine.. i really dont have very many moles but i just wanted to get the ones i had checked out along with the skin on my entire body.  


Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

This is such a great video!! I used to tan RELIGIOUSLY everyday, sometimes twice a day, either in the beds or outside. Once I got some news about my health, I stopped tanning and started to care for my skin (sunscreen, lotions, etc). I haven't tanned since September 17th, 2009.


Thanks for sharing this video!

Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

Hi janamae. Growing up I always had a dark, tan complexion. While most people were laying out in the sun and trying to get darker, I was using lightening soaps and lotions to get lighter. It's funny how that saying, "You always want what you can't have" sticks! Everyone wants a tan and I want to be as light as they are. This just made me truly appreciate the skin I'm in and I feel that everyone should too. Thanks for sharing!


@prettyinpa - I completely agree that most med students should be dermatologists for obvious reasons (shortage). It's possible they want to be a doctor or nurse after watching ER, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and other shows. After all, you rarely see shows based on a practicing dermatologist. That actually wouldn't be a bad idea for a show. Smiley Surprised


@ry22-Yes! I agree that bronzers are just as effective and completely safe. Smiley Happy


I hope you all had a great start to the New Year.





Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

I love this video -- I posted it to Facebook a few months ago, and I wish everyone took it as seriously as everyone here. I sent it to my sister, too (who still tans). I never did as a teen or a young adult, but it almost doesn't even matter -- I know someone who had had skin cancer and never tanned, so if you do, you're just at that much more of a risk. It's so sad that people do not heed these warnings and continue to tan. A tan looks beautiful, but it's not worth it -- and now there are so many realistic looking options, too -- self-tanner (or spray tans) aren't nearly as orange as they once were.

Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

Being born and raised in Florida, sun worshiping was nothing to me. During my teen years I would go out and lay in the sun when I could. I hit the tanning bed once a month in college. However, in recent years medications have made me more sun sensitive. I burn easier than I used to. Thank goodness for self-tanning lotions and sprays.

Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

thank you so much for informing me with this. i'm young, live in the hot az, and have extremely pale skin. i get burned esily. now i will always wear sunscreen with at least spf of 20.

Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

Omg I started crying. Thanks for posting this.


But going skin cancer free doesn't mean you have to be pale. Fake it.


bareMinerals Faux Tan All-Over Face Color


Too Faced Tanning Bed In a Tube


Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

Oh gosh, I am fair skinned with auburn hair... yikes. Thanks for posting this video, I'm definately going to be 10x more careful than I was before!!

<3 beautygeek97

Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

This is such a touching video and a great message!


I was scared I had melanoma because I found a mole on my scalp, so I went to see a dermatologist last year to have it checked (along with the other moles I have). It ended up being fine, but for the 3 months I had to wait before my appointment, I was really worried!


By the way, you can always try taking vitamin D supplements. Smiley Happy I don't get out in the sun much nowadays because I'm always inside studying, so I take 1000 IU of vitamin D a day.

Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

thanks! the supplements are a good idea.. i never even thought of that! haha  and i know what you mean about waiting 3 months before.. i made an appt in september not knowing how long it takes to get in and she told me the first appointment was in decemeber and im just like oh my gosh im going to drive my self crazy for the next 3 months! but i feel better now Smiley Happy

Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

@janamae-  I know the feeling about waiting!  Why does it take 3-6 months to get an appointment for a mole check when it is a life-saving measure?!  You'd think that medical students would be lining up to become dermatologists- they have a built-in long waiting list of clients, don't get called out in the middle of the night like OB-GYN's, they don't have to work weekends and for the most part aren't always in surgery. Sounds like a growth industry!Smiley Happy

Re: dear 16 year old me! AMAZING.

AND if you are a new patient.. it takes even longer to get in!!   this was my first time going to the dermatologist because i have never had any major problems with my skin that i couldnt handle myself and needed professional attention...but lately ive just been so paranoid!  so my boyfriend told me to go so i would shut up already and i am soo glad i did!


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