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dangerous weather

Does anyone live in the South where they are just getting nailed with tornados and deadly weather? Or anywhere else for that

matter. This morning here in NorthEastern PA in my small town, we were jolted awake by the town's Emergency Siren followed

by such wind, Heavy rain, and thunder & lightning the cat and I flew out of bed and ran downstairs. It was scary. Anyone else

have a weather story to tell?

Re: dangerous weather

Thank God here in WV we just got a little storm-but I just watched the Today show footage from Alabama and Georgia.Heartbreaking to say the least.My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected.

Re: dangerous weather

Oh, no! Are you ok??!! Is your cat fine?

I heard the weather down there is really bad. i live in Canada, so it's a nice spring here, but I was in Florida for a vacation not too long ago and the weather was horrible! I hope all of you are going to be ok down there!

Stay safe and prepared!

All of you down there will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Bee Smiley Happy

Re: dangerous weather

I live in Tennessee so we got slammed pretty hard.  Only one tornado within about 30 miles of my house, thank goodness.  At my house it was mostly terrible hail, wind and thunderstorms.  But luckily me and my family came through safely.  I feel so horrible for all of those in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia who got hit so hard.  Many lives were lost. Smiley Sad  Glad to hear you all are OK.  It was scary last night, but this morning the sun peeked through for a few minutes. Smiley Happy

Re: dangerous weather

I grew up in Western PA, and I was always terrified of thunderstorms and later grew to like them (certainly not the damaging kind, though Smiley Sad). I miss them now -- it never storms in SF. I can't complain too much about the weather here -- it's always just a little chilly. I wore a winter coat for most of last summer, and it only gets hot for a few days in the fall -- that's really it. While I do miss PA, I don't miss the temperature extremes (i.e. 0 degrees and being pelted with snow in the winter, then 95 with 100% humidity come June) -- that, I can do without. I also don't miss driving in the snow...but I do miss snow, because after having spent most of my life in the same climate, I'm more of a winter person...and it's disconcerting when there are no real seasons.


I can't believe so many people died! That's so sad -- I read that on CNN this morning when I got to work. I knew there were bad storms, but I had no idea it was that bad.


: )

Re: dangerous weather

Hey Katie, we're having a thunder storm in southern NJ - I love them but my dog is petrified...

Re: dangerous weather

I'm so jealous! I really do miss them -- it's the best time to relax and read! I know dogs aren't always fans, though Smiley Sad My aunt's dog would always howl and try to hide -- poor guy!

Re: dangerous weather

We had really big thunderstorms rip through here last night, the lightning was almost constant for about 1/2 hour, it looked like daylight at 3AM.  Then the power went out for about 3 hours and it was raining too hard to go to the barn and hook up the generator, not to mention that the barn is on high ground and we didn't want to risk getting hit by lightning going there. So the power alarm was going off for 3 hours and of course I couldn't sleep. The poor dog has really been suffering lately, he has thunderstorm anxiety, so he has been cowering under the table off and on for days! It seems like one storm is over then a couple of hours later another comes along. It has been nice out today, though. Everywhere the ground is running water, looks like a small flood! NIce that the house and barn are on high ground. Supposed to stop raining for a couple of days, YAY!


I definitely feel sorry for the people in the South, we have been inconvenienced, but nothing tragic.

Re: dangerous weather

Phew . . .  I'm so glad to hear you all are safe. Smiley Happy I was getting worried that some of you may be affected by the extreme weather going on. Please stay dry and safe out there. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*

Re: dangerous weather

My husband is in the south right now. I'm constantly checking the weather to see if he has tornado warnings. One of the guys he's with lost his house the other day, thankfully it wasn't the house his family lives in, just one that they own and were renting. So they are sending him home so that he can deal with the insurance.

Re: dangerous weather

My dog is so bad in thunderstorms the vet gave me a sedative to give her!  Cats don't seem to mind it but the dog is absolutely petrified.  She starts to shake about 45 mins before it starts, I guess she can hear it coming.

Re: dangerous weather

@anaa- My dog is the same way, he will get under the table even if it is clear and sunny, then boom, a hour or so later, we get a thunderstorm. If we see a storm line coming, we give him Rescue Remedy, but it only helps him not pant and look terrified, he still hides.

Re: dangerous weather

Thanks for the concern. What happened when the town siren went off was that there was a tornado north east of us.  But our town is between a river and a creek so there is some bad flooding right now.  We've had the same weather Pretty in PA has had.  It rained this morning but I think that's all until Sunday.  So everything has crested and begun to recede.

My cat does freak during storms.  Sometimes he hides but usually he's in my lap and doesn't leave.

I also can't believe what those poor people went through in  the South.  It's horrible.  The pictures are heartbreaking.  They always seem to get nailed.  It's just so unfair.  I just hope it's over.

Re: dangerous weather

I spoke too soon.  The river hasn't crested yet.  It's still rising (currently way over flood stage) and due to crest in about an hour.  Kids got let out of school around 11:30am.  And my basement has flooded.  I lost about 1/2 my stuff.  I'm so upset.  It's mostly childhood stuff I was saving.  See, my basement is built for large amounts of rain (I'm not personally in a flood zone); it's got like a drainage ditch carved out around the lowest edge, and that slopes downhill and then there is a sump pump at the lowest point that pumps the water out.  But it just rained so much and the water came in at a different place than it's ever come in. I can't believe it.  I've been checking it but I never looked there.  And I woke up with a stomach bug today plus the doctor still hasn't called in the medicine for my thyroid so I'm exhausted and my Mom is giving me a hard time for not doing a better job at checking the basement.  I mean it's not her that lost stuff? muh... It's really not a good day.

Re: dangerous weather

Oh, Kati- My heart goes out to you!  It is NOT your fault that the basement flooded, you can't check everything, all the time. Plus feeling poorly with your thyroid is definitely grounds for not going around investigating stuff that has never happened before. This rain is highly unusual, so don't beat yourself up about it.


I hope that you can salvage some of your stuff. 

Re: dangerous weather

After my last post and after listening to the weather channel, I feel so blessed that only one tornado got close to me because so many went through the state and so many lost their lives here in Tennessee.

One of my poor dogs is terrified of storms and I was seriously afraid that she was going to have a heart attack (she's 13 years old).  I have thought about putting her on some anti-anxiety medication, but she is not a pill-taker.  She is worse than my cats about being sneaky and acting like she took her pill and I'll find it 30 minutes later all mushy laying somewhere where she's spit it out.  I've tried wrapping pills in meat, in peanut butter, in cheese, in bread, in dog treats, but she will somehow manage to eat everything BUT the pill.  I don't know how she does it.  I thought cats were the sneakiest when it came to not taking their pills, but my dog has any pet I've ever owned beat when it comes to the art of faking taking a pill.  Glad to hear that more of you have checked in and that everyone came through safely.  Smiley Happy



@katimae:  I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and that you're basement flooded at the same time! Smiley Sad  That just sucks.  Hopefully, things will dry out and you'll be able to salvage the most important things.  And don't blame yourself for not checking the sounds like it was a freak accident that it flooded and what could you have done anyway when it comes right down to it?  Some things just happen and you shouldn't let your mom make you feel bad for not checking the basement. Smiley Happy

Re: dangerous weather

@katiemae: I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding and the mementos you lost! We are having serious flooding here, too. Schools closed and they are sandbagging the chamber of commerce because it sits right on the river and the water is well over the banks now. We don't usually get bad flooding in VT because it's usually still snowing! I don't know whether to be happy about no snow or sad about the flooding. Actually, I feel blessed because nobody has died.

Prayers going out to all my beauty sisters!

Re: dangerous weather

I hadn't thought of trying Rescue Remedy.  I used that on one of my more "sensitive" cats when he was acting up but didn't think of it for the dog.  Problem with sedating her is that it's hard to get her to take pills, so I will try the Rescue..thanks prettyinpa!

Re: dangerous weather

@anaa- When I was in vet school, we learned an old trick, use some of that spray cheese in a can to put around the pill and the dog will (usually) lick it up really fast and the pill goes along with the cheese, easy peasy! My greedy dog has to take daily glucosamine for his hips and I stick a glob of the cheese to the side of his bowl and mush the pills into it and he just laps up the whole glob and never bats an eye. He is way too big to pill, he weighs more than me, so forcing a pill on him isn't practical.


Sorry, I know this isn't a beauty post, but at least it's in Off-topic. 

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