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completely ridiculous girl problems? x)

#1: being too lazy to shave your legs and having the itchy scratchy hairs poke at your arms while you type sitting in bed. 


#2: sleeping in and having to choose between a good breakfast and being pretty


#3: having to explain to men why nude lipsticks are NOT a waste of money 


cmon BT, i know y'all have your fair shair of girl probs!

Re: completely ridiculous girl problems? x)

i always have to turn my face away when the bf wants a kiss because he forgets i'm wearing stuff on my lips. Usually it's my Bite beauty manuka honey lipgloss, which is supremely sticky x) he'll live though

Re: completely ridiculous girl problems? x)

Breaking a nail.  

Choosing the wrong accent color for your manicure.

Chipped polish.

Having to go potty just after you apply your top coat.

Washing brushes/implements.

Choosing between statement jewelry or statement make up.

1800000 loads of laundry because everything needs washed at specific temperature/setting/fabric softener.

Purse storage.  (Present bane of my existence.)

Make up storage.

Washing/deep conditioning/blowing out/styling long hair.  

Gluten free cosmetics.  (not all girls, but for those of us that need them, ugh!)



Re: completely ridiculous girl problems? x)

Just had to revive this thread.....


I got one.....when you finished doing your makeup and perfectly sculpted your cheekbones, only to get a phone cal.  you talk and talk, and when you hang up you see your makeup smeared all over your phone.  ugh, lol


Re: completely ridiculous girl problems? x)

I cant totally relate to all of these! Thanks for the entertainment at work Smiley Happy

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