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Post in Besides Beauty

can you use the urban decay face primer for your eyes

I was just wondering if the face primer could be used as an eye primer because for $30 you can get 1.0 fl oz of face where are you get .30 fl oz of eye primer for the same price...

Well in my opinion, it depends what you're using the prim...

Well in my opinion, it depends what you're using the primer for though. There are specific primers for a reason. Eye primers are specifically for eye shadows to last longer or to sometimes even brighten your eye area. So, if you want your eye shadow to last longer, then it's best to get an eye primer for that. But, if you're just wearing your foundation, concealer etc on your face, then a face primer would be good for that. My advice is to get both. Eye primers might be smaller, but don't let the size fool you. There's a reason why they're smaller because it's just for your eyes, but it actually lasts quite a long time cause you only need a little. I wear eye shadow all the time and I've had my Too Faced Shadow Insurance since the ending of spring.

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