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beauty items you don't use?

Hi ladies (and gents),

    I noticed that in my containers my poor lip glosses, eyeliners, and nail polishes sit around never being used. I just don't really care for them and it's so weird because some people love them. Do you have a beauty item that other's love and you don't really care for? 



Re: beauty items you don't use?

I don't care for lip gloss either, actually. I don't have a ton of it, a few I have purchased, a few gifts, and a few gwps, but I told myself I'm not allowed by buy/accumulate anymore because I just NEVER wear the few I have. I'm more of a bold lipstick girl, or if I'm feeling lazy I'll wear tinted balm.


I also actually don't wear eyeliner a lot! I know, I seem like a totally lazy makeup lover over here. I prefer to use eyeshadow for push liner. :/

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Adding eyeliner to the list! I feel so little with lipgloss on like i'm back in elementary school. I love any lip product, but lipgloss. the texture isn't great either. Maybe I'll try and gel liner instead of a pencil or liquid. Thanks. 

Re: beauty items you don't use?

I too use eye shadow in place of eye liner. I think I have only one eye liner that was in a GWP so it is not too bad. I also don't wear lip liner. 

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Lipgloss. When I get it in a giveaway bag, it goes straight to the swap-or-gift pile. I hate the stuff. 
Potted eyeliner. Just don't use it. No matter how much I intend to, I'm more likely to wet my brush and use an eyeshadow. I need to convince myself to quit buying it. 

False lashes. I love the look but I wear glasses - why do I buy them?! (Thankfully, I only have two pair currently.) 

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Hair spray. I give away every bottle that I receive from a beauty box.

Re: beauty items you don't use?

I would agree with you 100% until I got Tresseme Tres Two spray.  I don't use it everyday or anything, but it is surprisingly versitile.

Re: beauty items you don't use?

I never use bronzer EVER, especially in the winter (i just think it looks too unnatural!) but I continue to buy it anyways Smiley Happy

Re: beauty items you don't use?

The lure of Nars Laguna is too strong!

Re: beauty items you don't use?

NARS Laguna is one of the few (surprisingly) that I can wear with my pale skin and look natural.  I am not a bronzing expert (though I continue to try to improve), but I've got the "general" contouring down pat - especially with Laguna. Give in to the force!!!

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Hair products (I'm allergic/sensitive to to anything you spray, or anything with a scent). Luckily I have voluminous wavy hair naturally so I can get away with no product.


I also used to LOVE lipgloss but find myself using balms or light lipsticks these days.  I'm not as into the uberglossy look like I once was.  So I've been giving these away!


I also don't wear eyeliner (over use in high school put me off for pretty much the rest of my life lol), so when I get those in sets or boxes they just sit around until I give them away.

Re: beauty items you don't use?

"Luckily I have voluminous wavy hair naturally so I can get away with no product."


You lucky B! I am dying of jealousy right now. Next you'll say that you can eat an entire cake and not gain an ounce.

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Lipgloss is so icky to me! Shiny, goopy, icky stuff. I'm not a lipgloss girl by any stretch of the imagination.

Loose powder eyeshadow - also not a fan. I make a big mess!

Bronzer - I don't use this EVER. I'm pale and bronzer always look unnatural and harsh on me. 

Nail polish I use rarely. I only use it to polish my toes because I have yet to find a nail polish that lasts on my fingernails. So far - salon shellac is the only winner. 

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Lipgloss-- hate hate the feel. But why oh why do I have so many :/


eyeliner--I have naturally hooded eyes so I don't really have the lid space to sacrifice to eyeliner. I just use eyeshadow and a push liner brush. 


Hair dryer and curling iron--- since becoming a mom these sit unused I just braid my hair. When it comes down to it I would rather spend the short amount of time I have to get ready playing with makeup Smiley Happy 

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Loose shadow- just a pain to work with

Lipstick- I prefer tinted balms, stains & high pigmented gloss

Cream blush- if I'm in a rush, I'm usually too lazy to work with a cream

Hair dryer- I hate drying my hair, it's so thick & long it takes forever to do. I usually let it air dry & then curl it the next day, or day after. I only wash my hair 2x a week, but in the winter when it's really cold I need to plan out when I wash my hair so I don't leave the house with a head of wet hair & possibly damage it. 

Nail Polish- Ever since getting an at home gel system I rarely paint my nails with regular polish. Sometimes I'll do a gelly sandwich, but I need to wait for the polish to full dry (overnight) before I can put a gel topcoat on. It's too much work Smiley Wink Yet, I still keep buying more Chanel polish. I just can't help myself Smiley Tongue 

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Oh, I definitely agree with the Cream Blush. I hate to work with it as well. Powder looks just as fab and it can be swept on in a flash. 

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Oh man, Josie Maran coconut gelee is my HG so I can't relate to this at all!

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Lipgloss Smiley Sad I never ever wear lipgloss even though I bought some of them because they look soooo pretty (esp. Dior and YSL) =.=

I don't know, I just don't like the shiny look and sticky feeling :<

Re: beauty items you don't use?

I would say lip products in general.  I like the idea of wearing color on my lips, and I try to wear it, but there is way too many lippies in my house proportional to the amount of times I actually wear them - especially darker colors! 


Re: beauty items you don't use?

Lip plumpers....personally just don't need them. I thank my genes for full lips!


What's funny is that when lip plumpers hit the market I LOVED the physical sensation they gave, but they never made my lips any plumper, they just looked extra smooth.


My friends think I'm crazy because once I layered 10 lip plumpers....I don't recommend that to anyone, I as doing it on a whim, and my lips were just extra slick and the natural lines were diminished but there was no significant fullness added. 

Re: beauty items you don't use?

I'll by just about anything labeled 'plumper; I'm such a sucker, they see me comin'! I love the feeling of most of them, love the flavor and scent of Duwop. Funny thing, it kind of reminds me of when my Dad used to smoke Cherry Tobacco when I was little, even though I'm the biggest non-smoker, I Loooove the smell of that - tobacco or plumper form. Will wear it, won't smoke it.

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Lipgloss: I almost will never wear it, yet have about 10-15 tubes laying around. Oye.


Eyeliner: I pretty much just wear brown, black, and nude; but have a ton of other colors in my makeup collection.


Orange based red nail polish: I have at least 4 of the EXACT same nail polish color in my collection.

Whimsically yours,

Re: beauty items you don't use?

I'm the same way with orange-based red nail polish! I have 4 identical nail polishes. My toes refuse to see the light of day in the summertime unless they're orange-based red! Smiley Happy

Re: beauty items you don't use?

So funny, that's what my toenails love too!

One fave color, discontinued 1,000 years ago -

Estee Lauder - Aegean Coral - what I wouldn't give for a bottle of that!

(more orange-coral than orange-red, I miss it so)

Re: beauty items you don't use?

Eyelash curler and fake lashes. MY eyelashes don't seem to stay curled, s it hardly seems worth the bother. I haven't owned a curler in probably 30 years. I've never worn fake lashes .... idk if I would - hard to imagine an occasion in my life that I would want them. 


I don't like a lot of lip gloss. Too sticky and such. 

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