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any ideas on how i can throw a make over party?

???when me and kim have all the best make up and heather doesnt know kim, but wants to get glam-ed up . how do you throw a girly party to do make up and get into style without guys and it not be unfem. or geeky and have all the right colors and such for everyone? even the gals that dont wear make up ever? any sephora tested and proven advice that would make my party fun and glam approved?, i think we should go out after and show off and have fun maybe see a band, but how do we invite people when most gals in thier thirties dont do this? how to do it right and what should we call it? all straight girls and no men til later, til we go out? Please be kind i am engaged and i never go out anymore and my friend kim owns a florist and heather has her own house now, and beck too, if everone just does this i am not used to it. please be kind.  what do you call it? if someof the gals dont wear make up how do we have make up right for them too? any make up must have to make over anybody and for any look? i havea ton of este lauder, lots of new sehora like stilla and sephora blush and tomoro i get my nars blush shipment and a few other sephora pallete and such on, but i wear pinks and mauves for blush, what do i do to get prepared? and make everone happy? especially my friends that dont noramally wear make up? oh and tomorro i get my lorac pallet too almost forgot, that's more neutral. 

Re: any ideas on how i can throw a make over party?

how much is a birthday party


Re: any ideas on how i can throw a make over party?

For the girls who don't wear makeup you can ask them to record the evening either by still photographs or video and get them involved by having them judge who has the best look or look you shouldn't be caught dead in, best makeup in drama, etc. You can really come up with games and everyone can pitch in and bring one new makeup item for a give away (give tickets at the door). Everyone can also pitch in for the no makeup girl(s) for a gift they may be interested in. Be creative and decorate the room of the house you will use for this party with a Cirque de Soleil type of decoration and fun drinks and finger foods but nothing leafy and green that can get stuck in the teeth! You can invite your office girl friends, neighborhood women you say hello to but never really talk to, your relatives,etc. You can get their e-mail addresses and send an evite. This is just an idea but I hope it gives you a start. Most important besides having fun is to buy disposible applicators and alcohol pads to clean off the makeup if you are sharing. I would not share anyting that goes on the eyes such as pencil eyeliner unless you have ones you can sharpen and make sure you sharpen a fresh point when sharing. I would say if such items are used make sure and have them bring their own but if you're using gel liner pot then just have disposible applicators. Practice safe cosmetics! Have Fun!Smiley Happy

Re: any ideas on how i can throw a make over party?

those are alot of great ideas, but since we're not selling make up and its just a couple of frineds six at most, alot of those ides would be good for me to to do for them, except judging, no judging....I think i'll get a nice pallette to have as a prize but it wil from the host, the less they have to do the better, i am just having one friend bring a blender, another kiesch, another yogart, another dip, so anyways they are all bringin thier own make up. i decided we can share and test each others stuff out, cause i am gonna get some extra mascara wands and angled brushes, and aplicators and sponges, and brush cleaner, and maybe a few extra foundation brushes so me and kim can prove to everyone why a brush  an be super easy and perfect. but my computer is in the creative room here at my house, so it will be accessabile if everyone wants to say hey where'd you get that....we can look any thing up. oh and a tip for you, you can eat anything green or leafy, keep a thin layer of vaseline on your teeth and always keep floss in your purse. the vaseline keeps anythin from stickin to your teeth. you just floss that piece off. if it getts stuck. 

oh also any name would be great even if its something sup...

oh also any name would be great even if its something super silly. and for the girls with out make up it would be pretty easy to find the right colors to work for them if you mix your foundation together with a little powder bronzer and then add a little moisturizer to that as well to match a deeper complexion, as for a lighter complexion maybe just a light powder and concealer. pull all your make up together and just have fun .. don't stress! lol

Do a group email proposing the idea ... Me and my girls d...

Do a group email proposing the idea ... Me and my girls do this stuff occasional and we have a blast ( I am also engaged and have a 1 & 1/2 year old daughter!) we like to all get together and the hostess's job is to make cocktails and have light finger foods. Then we put on some party music and giggle and just have fun with it. We like to bring all our make over to the hostess's house and use everything as one big group make up set. and take turns doing each others hair and make up. for the girls who don't wear make up invite them and encourage them to just have fun but still be respectful to what they want if they don't want to wear and make up.... thats fine! Just grab em and have them help you do your hair or pick out outfits. Me and my friends then after getting a dolled up take a cab to dinner and meet up with our men after at the bar of the restaurant for some drinks. It is always a fun night as long as there is no peer pressure to make catheter wear make up. Make up is to make one feel sexy and confident and if you glam up a girl who doesn't enjoy make up she is not goanna have a good time... Even if she looks fabulous in your eyes what matter s how she feels about her image. 


Hope this helped !! and have fun doll 🙂


PS: and even if your first attempt at this doesn't go as well as you wanted there is always next time.... and the girls who dont like make up will probly warm up to it more and more each time you get together for a night like this 😄

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