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Your most outrageous shoes

What's the most frivolous/outrageous etc. pair of shoes you own? I'm fairly conservative when it comes to shoes so I'll live vicariously through your posts Smiley Wink


Here's mine (found the right colour this time as I posted the wrong colours in the obsessions thread). As you can see, I love earth tones and army greens!


Re: Your most outrageous shoes

@pocketvenus: I have a cute pair of rain boots that I love. They are white wiht pink, lavender, black and green swirls. My husband bought them for me before I moved up to VT with him. I went to visit him one weekend while I was in nursing school. Having left straight from the hospital, I was still in uniform. It wasn't until I got to his house--and a foot of snow-- that I realised I only had my Dansko clogs!! So we went to the cobbler and he bought me these rainboots. We called them my 'engagement boots" forever because we were both in school and couldn't get a ring straight away!!Smiley Very Happy

Re: Your most outrageous shoes

@ mermadelove-Hahaha- engagement boots!Smiley Happy


They are so cute!  I gotta get a cute pair of boots, I've been living in my ugly boots for about a week now because the ground is so soaked everywhere here.  Do you know the maker of these boots, maybe I can get a pair online?

Re: Your most outrageous shoes

I sure can find out!

*runs off to check*

The brand is called Kamik. Website is kamik dot com.

Happy shopping!

Smiley Very Happy

Re: Your most outrageous shoes

@mermadelove- Thanks for the info, I am going Shopping!

Re: Your most outrageous shoes

'K here's mine!  I hardly ever wear these since they're not the best for chasing after children with.  Smiley Sad   They are Steve Madden, Coach, and Colin Stuart.

Re: Your most outrageous shoes

OMG!!! I LOVE ALL OF THOSE!!!! Smiley Tongue

Re: Your most outrageous shoes

@Kalex:  I look at them and think how cool they are and how I'd love to wear them.  Then reality strikes and I know my ankle would fall in, then followed by my knee falling in and I'd end  up in the hospital! LOL  These shoes are just not for the feint of joints. Smiley Wink

Re: Your most outrageous shoes

@katimae - "Faint of joints"  That's hysterical!

Re: Your most outrageous shoes

@kalex: They're all pretty, but I particularly love the middle pair (Coach). I love the red with the bow. I want them! Smiley Very Happy


Re: Your most outrageous shoes

@kalex:  Love your shoes.  I especially like the pair closest to the camera, so when your tired of them, let me know and I'll PM my address to you, ha ha! 


I haven't been on Beauty Talk much the past few days, so I'm trying to get caught up.  I went shopping yesterday and bought a pair of slip-on sneakers and a pair of high-heels.  My hubby frowns upon me buying too many shoes and purses (and makeup) so it was really tricky trying to disguise two pairs of shoes from my hubby when I met him back at the car, ha ha! Smiley Very Happy  (I didn't try to hide my Sephora bag because he knows when we go out-of-town where Sephora's located that I'm going to buy something, ha ha! Smiley Wink)  Anyway, here's the shoes I got yesterday:

Gotta run for now.  I love seeing everybody's shoes so I'll try to check back in soon. Smiley Happy

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