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Your limit

So I was just on the nordstrom website looking at their exclusive beauty products and stumbled on a La Mer product that I seriously could not stop dropping my jaw at.


It was their Ultra Rich Moisturizing Cream, and it's $990.00!!

I mean, I know La Mer is very expensive, but $1000.00 on a moisturizer?!

I practically had a heart attack just looking at it!


So, I got to thinking, what is YOUR beauty budget?

What is the top dollar you would pay for one item?

Is it $60.00 for a beautiful dior palette?

Or is it $250.00 for a Sk-II cream?

Or is it even $990.00 for a La Mer moisturizer?


I think mine would be $95.00 for the Perricone MD Blue Plasma.

I'm not afraid to drop a good dime on an amazing beauty product, but what is the limit for you?!

Re: Your limit

I need a job at sephora... lol jk. But seriously. I would love all the products! I was watching glamlifeguru's video on youtube that she just posted and she got to go in the allure beauty closet and take as many products as she wanted in a bag. I would have DIED in that room! Lol.

Re: Your limit

I just watched that too!! Hahaha I was thinking the same thing omg I would have died for the Caudalie products!!

Re: Your limit

Wasn't that just amazing that they let her go in there and pick anything she wanted?! I would freeze and then shove the whole room in my bag!! Lol.

Re: Your limit

Can they extend this offer to me please??? lol

Re: Your limit

OH, I don't even care if I had to break the laws of physics, if someone told me I could have anything that fit in a bag, I would make it fit! The whole room if necessary! 

Re: Your limit

Because I'm a struggling college student I have a $30 dollar limit for all make up and skin care. But I do every Christmas and birthday ask for those splurge products, and the few times I've been lucky enough to get a gift card for Sephora I purchase whatever the heck I want with it!

Re: Your limit

I wish I had the willpower you do to not spend as much as I do! I'm also a college student, but I love me some makeup.. and I get a full ride for my school because of my grades, so since I don't have student debt, I splurge on makeup! Smiley Tongue

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