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Your limit

So I was just on the nordstrom website looking at their exclusive beauty products and stumbled on a La Mer product that I seriously could not stop dropping my jaw at.


It was their Ultra Rich Moisturizing Cream, and it's $990.00!!

I mean, I know La Mer is very expensive, but $1000.00 on a moisturizer?!

I practically had a heart attack just looking at it!


So, I got to thinking, what is YOUR beauty budget?

What is the top dollar you would pay for one item?

Is it $60.00 for a beautiful dior palette?

Or is it $250.00 for a Sk-II cream?

Or is it even $990.00 for a La Mer moisturizer?


I think mine would be $95.00 for the Perricone MD Blue Plasma.

I'm not afraid to drop a good dime on an amazing beauty product, but what is the limit for you?!

Re: Your limit

Mine would probably be $100 max for skincare. But for makeup the highest I would go is about $70. And the only reason why it's at $70 is because there are some palettes that are about $50-$60 that I would buy Smiley Happy

Re: Your limit

@DoctorsMrs- I love your D it's so pretty!

Re: Your limit

@beautylovingirl- Gee Whiz, THANKS Smiley Happy

I don't have a lot of skill with computers but I can search, copy and paste pretty well Smiley Happy

Re: Your limit

I'm also very skillful at making that same smiley face repeatedly Smiley Happy

Re: Your limit

I pretty much draw the line at $50 per product. I do try to take into account cost per weight/quantity... for example, right now I'm looking at a salicylic acid treatment by DDF, which is $46 for 1.7oz. The price tag makes me wince a little, but per oz it is actually less expensive that 90% of the other treatments I've looked at!


If I'm going to pay a lot of money for a product, skincare especially, then the ingredients it has it in had better be top quality!

Re: Your limit

Does Clarisonic count?  I've been curious about the Clarisonic Opal ever since I got to try one out at Nordstrom's a few weeks ago.  I honestly have no idea whether the claims are true or not, but it just felt so relaxing and soothing against my skin!

Re: Your limit

Clarisonic absolutely counts! I forgot about mine when I did the post but that is actually the most i've spent on a beauty item I believe. The opal is the one you use around your eyes right? I've thought about purchasing that!

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