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Your limit

So I was just on the nordstrom website looking at their exclusive beauty products and stumbled on a La Mer product that I seriously could not stop dropping my jaw at.


It was their Ultra Rich Moisturizing Cream, and it's $990.00!!

I mean, I know La Mer is very expensive, but $1000.00 on a moisturizer?!

I practically had a heart attack just looking at it!


So, I got to thinking, what is YOUR beauty budget?

What is the top dollar you would pay for one item?

Is it $60.00 for a beautiful dior palette?

Or is it $250.00 for a Sk-II cream?

Or is it even $990.00 for a La Mer moisturizer?


I think mine would be $95.00 for the Perricone MD Blue Plasma.

I'm not afraid to drop a good dime on an amazing beauty product, but what is the limit for you?!

Re: Your limit

That's just the price for the large size (8.5 oz) that's on sale right now...1 oz is $155

I got the small (1 oz) size as a gift a year ago and love it in the winter time. it really helped my skin stay hydrated while using retinol. Normally I'm really flaky and red during my retinol months, but not when I use it with Creme De La Mer. It truly is "a little goes a long way" type of product. I still have at least 1/2 left. I also keep some in a tiny jar in my travel bag for those late night/dehydrated times. 

When I run out I'll either try to convince someone to get me another as a gift, or suck it up & pay the $285 for the 2 oz. I honestly have never experienced that much hydration without grease or stick or pimples from a single moisturizer. 

Re: Your limit

That's good that it is at least a good product! Smiley Happy

I just meant it as more of a "how can you drop 1000.00 on a product at one time" kind of way. I mean yes the size is big, but it's just that.. that's 990.00! Lol.

Re: Your limit

I can't justify buying a 1,000 moisturizer no matter how good it is. I mean if the product is amazing, I somehow can justify that I would need it somehow in my head. But I'll stick with other moisturizer that works for me and has a better price tag. 
I guess 200 would be the limit for one product.

Re: Your limit

I totally agree!

Re: Your limit

hmmm, it's at most $70-80 for my mom's anti-aging stuff right now. I'm planning to get SK-II mask, $90, during fall's 20% sale so that will be....$72 for me. Basically keeping it under $100.


It's not that the products are amazing, just that they are good but overpriced. However, once my mom reaches 60+ (by then I'll have a steady job), I'm upping the ante to under $150 for a product. Any more than that, I'd rather get us a spa day or spend it on vacation instead.

Re: Your limit

What a good idea about the spa day! Smiley Happy

Re: Your limit

I typically don't spend more than $50 on any product, but I'd put $100 as my absolute limit for a single product. But I had been living on a TA salary for the past few years, so I was always a bit limited. We'll see if my price ceiling changes when I start working full time next month, lol. Smiley Tongue

Re: Your limit

That cream better make anyone who wears it look like they're 15 years old! It better be like a face lift in a bottle in order to pay $1000 for a cream!! and the cream better last me until im 50!


My limit for a cream would probably be $60 along with palettes because they bring multiple things! But ughh... $1000! Thats crazy!

Re: Your limit

Oh man, that's insane!


I think the most I could possibly spend is a good $200, but the product has to last me awhile if I'm dropping that much cash.


You're right, not afraid to drop a dime but oh it better be worth it!

Re: Your limit

Ergh, I hit a mental wall when a price hits about $60-75. If it's something AMAZING I might be able to convince myself to go little higher but not much. I have a really hard time going over $100. 



Is that the La Mer super size moisturizer that is usually $1400 but on sale right now? I think my jaw hit the floor the first time I saw that thing, hahaha. 

Re: Your limit

It was the 8.5oz jar so yes it was a super size lol.

Re: Your limit

I have a hard enough time getting through 8 oz of body lotion! Eek!

Re: Your limit

That's the craziest thing i've ever heard. $990 on a cream. Really. 

On Makeup i don't splurge, at least in my opinion. I find products that works great for me that are super affordable. I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation and that is probably the most expensive makeup item i use, since i'm not an eyeshadow or Mascara person. Skin care is a different story. It's completely normal for me to spend $50-$85 on one product alone. I would be hesitant to purchase just one thing that's over $100. Unless it is a supersized product. But if i had recieved a samples and knew i liked it i would most likely purchase. I always make my higher priced items last and since i don't go through them fast that justifies the price for me. The Clarisonic was just a must have, no matter the price it's one of the best investments i've made for my skin! 

Re: Your limit

I agree! Skincare is the place to spend your big bucks! Makeup won't help make a difference in your skin, it only covers. Skincare changes. So I totally agree on spending more on skincare vs. makeup... although I do splurge on makeup... I'm just a junkie. What can I say? Smiley Tongue

Re: Your limit

For me, the most expensive single item I buy is my First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Serum at $44.  I pretty much won't pay more than $45-50 for any single item.  


After all, If I'm spending $45 on lots of items--serum, foundation, moisturizer, etc it adds up fast.  

Re: Your limit

Can't put a number on it, but I recently treated myself to a YSL lipstick.  $35 or so is the most I've paid for my lipsticks.  But, it's been SO worth it!

Re: Your limit

I bought 2 YSL lippies the other month and LOVE them. Great products. Now I just bought one of their powder blushes and surprisingly, it isn't my favorite Smiley Sad. I do love it, but not as much as others, because it has a very strong fragrance to it. But it's a beautiful color. Other than the strong fragrance, it's beautiful. They always go above and beyond with their gorgeous packaging.

Re: Your limit

I start to feel twitchy around the $50 mark.  I splurged on a Cle de Peau concealer stick ($70) because of all the insanely good reviews I'd heard.  It is a great concealer, but when I get down towards the bottom of it I'm going to test out some less expensive alternatives to see if it really is worth it!

Re: Your limit

"I start to feel twitchy".  SO perfect of a description!!

Re: Your limit

Let me know if you find dupes! I hear the cle de peau is amazing but it doesn't last very long, but I really want to try it!

Re: Your limit

If I had $990 to spend on a cream, I probably would (if I'd tried it out first and loved it). That being said, I'm a graduate student so I just don't have that kind of money. As others have said, I choose to spend the money I do have on beauty products.

I was talking to a coworker about how guilty I feel for already being qualified for VIB Rouge when it launches. He told me that's how much he spends on cable and going fishing. I choose Sephora instead of cable and fishing.

If we're being honest here though, I did buy Clea de Peau concealer at Neiman Marcus last weekend. I think a $70 concealer is my limit.

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