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Your limit

So I was just on the nordstrom website looking at their exclusive beauty products and stumbled on a La Mer product that I seriously could not stop dropping my jaw at.


It was their Ultra Rich Moisturizing Cream, and it's $990.00!!

I mean, I know La Mer is very expensive, but $1000.00 on a moisturizer?!

I practically had a heart attack just looking at it!


So, I got to thinking, what is YOUR beauty budget?

What is the top dollar you would pay for one item?

Is it $60.00 for a beautiful dior palette?

Or is it $250.00 for a Sk-II cream?

Or is it even $990.00 for a La Mer moisturizer?


I think mine would be $95.00 for the Perricone MD Blue Plasma.

I'm not afraid to drop a good dime on an amazing beauty product, but what is the limit for you?!


Re: Your limit

Ergh, I hit a mental wall when a price hits about $60-75. If it's something AMAZING I might be able to convince myself to go little higher but not much. I have a really hard time going over $100. 



Is that the La Mer super size moisturizer that is usually $1400 but on sale right now? I think my jaw hit the floor the first time I saw that thing, hahaha. 

Re: Your limit

It was the 8.5oz jar so yes it was a super size lol.

Re: Your limit

I have a hard enough time getting through 8 oz of body lotion! Eek!

Re: Your limit

That's the craziest thing i've ever heard. $990 on a cream. Really. 

On Makeup i don't splurge, at least in my opinion. I find products that works great for me that are super affordable. I use the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation and that is probably the most expensive makeup item i use, since i'm not an eyeshadow or Mascara person. Skin care is a different story. It's completely normal for me to spend $50-$85 on one product alone. I would be hesitant to purchase just one thing that's over $100. Unless it is a supersized product. But if i had recieved a samples and knew i liked it i would most likely purchase. I always make my higher priced items last and since i don't go through them fast that justifies the price for me. The Clarisonic was just a must have, no matter the price it's one of the best investments i've made for my skin! 

Re: Your limit

I agree! Skincare is the place to spend your big bucks! Makeup won't help make a difference in your skin, it only covers. Skincare changes. So I totally agree on spending more on skincare vs. makeup... although I do splurge on makeup... I'm just a junkie. What can I say? Smiley Tongue

Re: Your limit

For me, the most expensive single item I buy is my First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Serum at $44.  I pretty much won't pay more than $45-50 for any single item.  


After all, If I'm spending $45 on lots of items--serum, foundation, moisturizer, etc it adds up fast.  

Re: Your limit

Can't put a number on it, but I recently treated myself to a YSL lipstick.  $35 or so is the most I've paid for my lipsticks.  But, it's been SO worth it!

Re: Your limit

I bought 2 YSL lippies the other month and LOVE them. Great products. Now I just bought one of their powder blushes and surprisingly, it isn't my favorite Smiley Sad. I do love it, but not as much as others, because it has a very strong fragrance to it. But it's a beautiful color. Other than the strong fragrance, it's beautiful. They always go above and beyond with their gorgeous packaging.

Re: Your limit

I start to feel twitchy around the $50 mark.  I splurged on a Cle de Peau concealer stick ($70) because of all the insanely good reviews I'd heard.  It is a great concealer, but when I get down towards the bottom of it I'm going to test out some less expensive alternatives to see if it really is worth it!

Re: Your limit

"I start to feel twitchy".  SO perfect of a description!!

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