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Your dream product

I was daydreaming at work today- what would be your dream product? It can be makeup or skincare or anything that you fancy (got spring fever here).


Mine would be a dry shampoo that contains SPF so I can get rid of greasy roots and not have to spray SPF on my slightly wide part due to my lovely thin hair. Whenever I spray my part with SPF, it makes that area of my hair look really oily and sometimes a hat is inconvenient.


Tell us all your dream product!

Re: Your dream product

A natural but waterproof sunscreen that doesn't leave a white cast.

Re: Your dream product

anything that doesn't make my face break out!

Re: Your dream product

Poor eliminator as well as blackheads. Those things can suck my big toe. 

Re: Your dream product

Lipstick that is actually kiss proof but doesn't feel dry or look gross after a few hours. That way my husband will kiss me when I do wear makeup.


Oh and of course that magical pill/cream/water/whatever that will make you look instantly like a victoria secret model.  



But I love your dry shampoo with SPF idea that really makes alot of sense. 

Re: Your dream product

Oh my! Kissproof lipstick! That would be the best thing in the entire world!!

Re: Your dream product

I would like hair product that lengthens and strengthens individual hair growth cycles and also softens hair textures without buildup or damage.

Re: Your dream product

Yes please.

Re: Your dream product

In the hair products vein, I'm still on the hunt for a series of products meant to preserve naturally red hair.  I'm quite attached to my hair color but I know it tends to brown with age -- short of going the henna route I haven't quite come up with a solution yet.

Re: Your dream product


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