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Your best beauty secret! And goooooood Mornin' :)

image.jpgGood morning beauty darlings! Remember, never forget your best beauty secret: your smile! Smiley Very Happy oh! And Happy St. Patrick's Day Smiley Happy

Re: Your best beauty secret! And goooooood Mornin' :)

A "schnoodle", no less! Emphatically adore the acronym. Walk him and excercise him thusly! I have 2 go outdoors and excercise my 4 rescue-rascals (yes, that's right, 4 - not a type-o.) I will b afk (away from keyboard/smartphone 4 a bit). Loved your post on the nude lip gloss reco! I bought 2 Sephora Shine/Glossy lipsticks in "Loveable". They are exceptional and the shade itself, glorious on fair skin, no doubt. Great reco - young lady. Off to my tail-waggers. TTUS

Re: Your best beauty secret! And goooooood Mornin' :)

And it IS a very good morning! Im running spec tests on 2 of my Sephora samples this week. Im enjoying a cup of Earl Grey Bleu, and keeping up w/pertinent, prod. performance info packed & fun "threads" throughout my fast-paced wknd. I posted sum tips in the thread entitled "Beauty Tips Ladies!!" orginally posted by: arielaaaaaaaa. Your post, "Coffee or Tea" is grand and very pertinent to beauty. Fluid intake (ie. water, tea, juice, coffee, milk, smoothies, yogurt drinks, &co.) r all VERY relevant to HEALTH & beauty, as fluid intake (especially simple fluids - water, tea, coffee & milk - other simple dairy products like homemade yogurt smoothies) IS highly important to body & skin's integrity (health & radiance). Lots of simple fluids/beverages and safe fresh air outdoor activities (walking, running, aerobics, ballet, swimming (2 cold here for that outdoors now)) KEY elements & good tips overall would be plenty of water/fluids and wholesome, outdoor, oxygen boosting activities. BTW: Luv the (is that a: malamute puppy) baby dog pic!! Hope every 1 is having or on their way to a fine wknd.

Re: Your best beauty secret! And goooooood Mornin' :)

Speaking of healthy tips I think I'm going to begin walking my puppy every weeknight! He is a miniature poodle mixed with a schnozer; I call him a schnoodle! Smiley Happy

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