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Your Time to Shine!

Hello Ladies!

I am currently new with BT so I've been trying to find my way around. So far I am loving what I see!


How about a quick little IceBreaker!


1. What is something unique about you?

2. Which Sephora product makes you feel BEAUTIFUL (and why)?

    (Describe one product that you love and just makes you feel more confident every time you use it)


You can respond to both, or just one if you want! (:



Re: Your Time to Shine!

 Thank you for the kind words.  I really didn't mean to turn this thread all sad or anything. I'm fine now, really. That was 23 years ago and my life is VERY different now, and very positive.  

Re: Your Time to Shine!

Yay! Welcome to BT! I hope you will love it here as much as we all do! 


Good questions, I think they give an interesting peek into everyone's heads. Smiley Happy What are your answers, BB07?


1. Not makeup related and I think most everyone around has noticed by now... I have a cheese obsession that goes way beyond normal! I worked in a cheese shop for a while, so there was a reason, haha. I am kind of curious how many cheeses I have tried, but my guess is close to 1000 different kinds. 


2. A gorgeous red lipstick! I don't think I can choose just one brand or shade, but when you've got the right one on you know everyone else is wishing they looked as good as you. 

Re: Your Time to Shine!

Tashalicious: I love eye shadow as well! Although I have yet to perfect the smokey eye look!


Londonlover101: That's awesome that you're an aspiring model! That would be a neat career!


LCResz: I also love perfume! The scents are endless! You can always find one to suit your mood or fit appropriately with your daily activities.


Kimmi1115: My hair is naturally curly as well! The only thing I dislike sometimes is the natural frizz that comes with it!  

Re: Your Time to Shine!

Hi, BB07!!  Welcome to BT!  I hope you enjoy hanging out on here!  Smiley Happy


1. hair is naturally thick and curly.  Most people I know curl their hair or go for perms.  I guess that kinda counts? lol.


2.  I feel pretty awesome and classy when I wear red lipstick, which isn't too often, especially since I ran out of my perfect red! (Kat Von D's Adora).  It's a classy look that always works for me when paired with the right outfit and jewelry.  I feel like someone from the fifties or old television shows.

Re: Your Time to Shine!

1. My endless amount of entertainment trivia, especially since I'm the stodgy science teacher Smiley Wink

2. Perfume in general. I love makeup but I have no time during the day to check on my look so I don't bother with doing much, however perfume can transform my mood. If I smell good, I feel good.

Re: Your Time to Shine!

hey there BB07 Im new to Beauty Insider too I started on friday but its easy to find your way around and become a part of the crew and have a great time with all the nice welcoming people here! congratulations!


1.) I can do a split and put my foot over my head, I love animals, singing and being social + Im an aspiring model.


Smiley Very Happy welcome and I hope you have a great time here!


Re: Your Time to Shine!

I am a singer as well! what kind of music do you perform? what voice part are you?  I am a classical soprano!

Re: Your Time to Shine!

hello and welcome! 



1. hmm something unique..... other than the fact that i don't have a twin i can't think of anything that makes me unique


2. Definitely my smokey eye shadow palette. because i have small eyes and have to use eye shadow to bring them out.

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