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Your Dream Job.

We have a current profession thread going on and it got me thinking. My Dream job would be a Make Up Artist. So Whats your Dream Job, Maybe your already working towards it, or it's just an idea you've thought about for awhile and if money wasn't an obstacle, What would you love to do for the rest of your life??

Re: Your Dream Job.

Yes!! thats a great dream!! I would love that too!!


Re: Your Dream Job.

That would be so much fun!  

Re: Your Dream Job.

I think I'd like to be a history professor. At least, that's what I'm somewhat working towards now Smiley Happy

Re: Your Dream Job.

Author/Novelist!!  I'm working on making my dream come true right now! Cross your fingers for me ya'll! 


Oh and dont be afraid to chase your dreams. Im 35 year old single mom and kept saying "when the kids are older" but forget waiting! After you make those painful first steps everything else works itself out and falls into place.

Re: Your Dream Job.

Security Analyst or Penetration Tester!  I love breaking things and then figuring out how to fix them so they don't break again ^.^

Re: Your Dream Job.

I have a few dream jobs.


Mortician-Most people are kind of baffled by this. When loved ones die the responsibility greatly falls on the mortician and funeral director to make their last few days on earth run smoothly without complications. On top of that it is the mortician's duty to make the deceased individual presentable in a way that is recognizable for the family. I'd want to help in taking some of the grief off of the family and friends of the person that's passed away. Unfortunately there are only a handful of Mortuary science schools in California.


Make Up Artist-A dream job that I've already done...does that still count? Haha I'm actually playing with the idea of doing more freelance work during my free time. Ultimately I'd love to do makeup part time for performers or for special events.


Tattoo Artist-Yet another creative field! I love drawing and painting; this would be such a fun medium to dabble in. Having someone wear your work is one of the ultimate forms of flattery. My only hesitation with this is the fact that I'd probably end up being tattooed from head to toe!




Whimsically yours,

Re: Your Dream Job.

As someone who grew up dreaming of becoming a mortician from a young age, I can totally relate! I saw my first dead body at age seven and I've been fascinated ever since. It's sad how very few mortuary science schools are available. The one I've been seriously considering would be almost an hour and a half commute every morning, Monday through Thursday, with classes from 8a to 3:30p. That's a big commitment. One I just can't bring myself to succumb to just yet! 


Re: Your Dream Job.

Those are great! And it's so sweet you would like to be a mortician. Many people don't realize how great they are. 

Re: Your Dream Job.

hands down I've always wanted to be a writer of poetry/prose like writing about life Smiley Happy I write in a blog for now to keep me content while I work part time at a law firm that specializes in mainly health care, I work as an office assistant currently but if i could be a writer i would. I just don't have the gramattical capacity right now. and schooling would be in order and right now my life is too chaotic for even part time schooling

Re: Your Dream Job.

Had to think about this one a bit...will always be super interested in ingredients/ strategy/ product development, but for something totally "dream job" (and not related to the industry I've been in most of my life), brewing beer as well as Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River would be awesome! Owning a bar/ bartending/ coming up with unique drinks also appeals to me a lot. My husband has worked in the hospitality industry for a long time, so maybe one day we'll be able to make this happen!


Or something more in service to others, like an acupuncturist. I love acupuncture, have studied reiki, so this would also really appeal to me because I'd feel like I was really helping people.


Not that beauty products don't help people to feel confident, etc, but to help on this level would really mean a lot to me. I feel lucky to enjoy what I do, but it's nice to have dreams!


Full-time beach bunny or birdwatcher also appeals to the nature lover in me...

Re: Your Dream Job.

My dream job is a general litigator (civil suits), though doing copyright and trademark litigation would also be amazing.

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