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Your Dream Job.

We have a current profession thread going on and it got me thinking. My Dream job would be a Make Up Artist. So Whats your Dream Job, Maybe your already working towards it, or it's just an idea you've thought about for awhile and if money wasn't an obstacle, What would you love to do for the rest of your life??


Re: Your Dream Job.

Be an actual photographer and have the budget to do so. I would love to be able to make huge sets for an extremely detailed and wonderful shoot ^_^ or just have the victoria secret fashion show crew work for me....their stuff and outfits are amazing!!!

Re: Your Dream Job.

That sounds like fun!! I wish i had an eye for photography, i'm pretty bad at taking pictures, even with a nice camera!!

Re: Your Dream Job.

Good idea!


My dream job would be a traveling photo journalist.

I quickly began to fall in love with traveling when my parents would take me to different countries when I was in grammar school. Unfortunately, I didn't have the photography skills and appreciation for cultures as I do now. I was never one for "tourist traps" either. It takes some serious guts and drive to make a living this way especially for a woman traveling alone which is why I haven't jumped on it just yet. 


Re: Your Dream Job.

That sounds like an amazing job! I would love to travel to different countries!!!! And it can be a little dangerous for a woman! Good luck!!

Re: Your Dream Job.

ohh I like this!


I have a few:

a naturopathic physician (PT so can still have time with my family & kids)

a dance teacher

an actress


I'm not working toward any of these- just somethings that I think I would really like doing



Re: Your Dream Job.

Those are interesting! 

Re: Your Dream Job.

Ohhh! I have always been into photography! Nature, travel and fashion. I think travel would be my favorite though. I would also like to shoot documentaries too. I started to go to film school, but it got too expensive so now I am in school for oceanography (which is a close second for dream job!) so I am happy! But I will always love taking pictures and can do that anytime. And I will always love makeup and I may never have a job doing something with that, but it wont stop me from buying more! My poor husband Smiley Wink

Re: Your Dream Job.

Oceanography sounds so interesting!! Good luck with it! Smiley Happy

Re: Your Dream Job.

I'm pursuing my current dream... This time next year I should be a RD (registered dietician) and then finish up a MS in Nutrition & Dietetics. My program is awesome, I'm taking my master's courses while working on the RD. I keep wondering if I should have gone straight with the masters, but I can't hold a certificate unless I become an RD first. I'm not sure what my future career path will be and I don't want to be in the situation where not holding a certificate will hinder me. 

I should have gone to school for Medical Lab Technology like I wanted to instead of Nursing or to a Easter Medicine school. 

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