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Your Best Feature

Hey Girls!


I know that we all have those little things about ourselves that we don't like,but let's just have a feel good moment and tell everyone what your best feature is!Smiley Happy

My favorite feature is my eyes!

Re: Your Best Feature

Momma nose!! ^_^ 

Re: Your Best Feature

@drragon- Aww! That's giving me the warm fuzzies that MoreGun gets when we are all so nice to each other and bring up things that gives you that little tear in the corner of your eye.Smiley Happy

Re: Your Best Feature

I agree with many posts... this is an excellent questioin... I have found myself, in particular, focusing on what I hate about me, that I often forget to love features as well...


I have to say that I love my eyes, and hair texture.  I have almondish shape, light brown eyes (which continue to lighten as I get older) with a lot of green accents.  My hair, although I don't love my natural color, is silky and easy to maintain (IMO looks best long).

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