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Your Best Feature

Hey Girls!


I know that we all have those little things about ourselves that we don't like,but let's just have a feel good moment and tell everyone what your best feature is!Smiley Happy

My favorite feature is my eyes!

Re: Your Best Feature

@broadwaybarbie- Thanks for the very sweet feedback. I started this post because I like for people to stop and think that we all have beautiful features sometimes it just takes that little reminder.Smiley Happy


Re: Your Best Feature

I like my hair the best. Its long and low maintenance and it changes from light brown to straight up blond in the summer just with the sunlight. I also like my big brown eyes (brown with ring of green/flecks of green around it) and my full lips. I've never used lipliner for fear that that might make them look bigger than they already are.


I wish I was blessed with a tan skintone though. I'm fair in winter/spring, light usually, and medium after summer tan at the beach, but I wish I had a nice tan skintone all year.

Re: Your Best Feature

I like my eyes best. They are the same as my grandpa Pat's 

Re: Your Best Feature

Such a positive and uplifting topic, Beautylovingirl! Smiley Very Happy Great way to kick off April!


My favorite feature would either have to be my dimples or lips.


My mother has dimples too, and I like to think of it has having a piece of her visibly with me. Both my parents have square/angular faces while mine is oval like my grandma's. I don't particularly look predominately like my mom or my dad, but the dimples I have most definitely come from momma! Folks always seem tickled when they notice them and when my friends smile and they have dimples I always say it's where they hide their extra sweetness for giggles and "aw" moments! Smiley Happy


My lips are nice and full, that runs in the family, no need for lip plumpers here! Though that means keeping a constant supply of lip balm handy (chapped lips are never a good thing no matter how your lips look), I love slapping on a super bold or bright color and not being afraid to carry it off!

Re: Your Best Feature

Awesome topic!  I would have to go with my eyes or hair.


My eyes are some sort of greenish bluish color.  Sometimes they look more blue than green, and my lashes are naturally long.  I get that from my momma although she says I look more like dad.


Although I was picked on in middle school for having naturally curly hair, the curls have grown on me lol.  It curls in different ways depending on the products and how I style it.

Re: Your Best Feature

I like my eyes (love playing them up), but I have always gotten compliments on my skin. I take good care of it, eat well, take good supplements (+yoga and acupuncture) so I think all of that helps. I use coconut oil as a body moisturizer. Basically it's pretty even, I rarely break out, looks young (my bro-in-law gave me a great compliment "how do you have NO wrinkles?"). I wear sunscreen but also tan easily (due my grandfather on my dad's side being part Chippewa and Syrian).


Emotions affect your skin, and overall I'm a pretty happy person so I think that helps too!



Re: Your Best Feature

My eyes, people arealways telling me how pretty they are, oh and great thread I think its important to focus on the good!

Re: Your Best Feature

Great topic!!


It changes a lot for me. At my age, I'd have to say my very pale skin. I have my hair dyed red and people assume it's natural because I have pale, creamy skin.  I have always stayed out of the sun- and it has paid off because people assume I'm much younger than I am.

Re: Your Best Feature

I'd have to say for me, it's my skin.  I get compliments about that the most.  People say I look a lot younger than I really am and they can't see my pores.  I also get compliments about my full lips.  I would have to disagree but I will take all the compliments I can get.  Smiley Happy

Re: Your Best Feature

I love my eyes!!!  I love their color, love their shape!! I love playing them up with makeup, but sometimes I don't put any color on them and they still look good.  When I cry my eyes become a very clear blue and just seeing that happen can help cheer  me up.  I like my cheeks because they are high sculpted.  I like how I look with my hair and makeup done, not because I cover things up but because I play up my favorite things about me.  I also love that I was blessed with a pretty low maitenance body, thin with easily toned muscles and very little hair!!  Whoohoo!!!  Even when I feel self-consious, I can look at my beautiful children (really y'all, they're perfect dolls!!) and know they are part of me. Thier looks, their personality...  And having them here is a testament of some of the amazing things our bodies can do!!  

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